Saturday, October 30, 2010

What matters most?

Life is just as complicated as a puzzle game..
We trying hard to find the missing pieces and put it back into our lives..
It can be easy if we know what we want all along..

This weekend supposed to be a good one..
Was anticipating an event happening in MidValley..
However, few days back, I had sprained my leg..
No one to be blamed..
It's a futsal game.. You win or you lose..
But I paid a heavier price which is spraining my leg..

Sport suppose to be healthy but most of the time,
being a competitive person, WINNING is what I am aiming for..
No matter futsal, football, basketball or badminton..
All I am getting is bruises and scars all over..

I play the game, is to WIN the game..

Right now, my life is a game..
All in and win big or lose everything I ever have..
It is now or never to have a better life.. Better future...

So, what matters most?