Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Decor in Singapore.. One year ago...

Wow.. Time really flies..
It is already one year ago when I have the opportunity to walk around Singapore.
As what I have always heard that Singapore got very nice decorations, I am dying to go there to have a look myself..
Here are some of the pictures that I had captured.. =)

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy 2011!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Berry are YOU?! Come and win!

What berry are you??
Come and join the fun and you get the chance to win BlackBerry from DIGI! =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Global Developers Challenge - Bada Application!

Final winners for the Global Developers Challenge are out!!!
After so many months and enormous effort spend by the developers to make new Apps for Bada have finally pays! I mean paid handsomely!

Check out the rewards for the winners!

The entire challenge is divided into 8 categories :
Below are the link for ALL the developers Apps for Malaysia Apps Store:


Final Strike 3D:


*Infernus Verse 1:


Little Sailor:



Pirate raid:

Rainy Day:


DeathLand 3D:

Space Hell:

Lyric Legend:

Other Apps which from/available in UK Apps store..

Cut Em All:


Health Centrum:


Slice It!:

BEES(Broad and Easy Event Search):

Zkatter Bada:

WAMO Camera:

Travel Memoir:



Next-to-do and Task Management:

Handyman Tool:

Bling Bling Reader:




LiveCast Bada:

Last but not least, the winner of the Challenge:


Monday, December 6, 2010

Ampang Look Out Point lose out..

Ampang Look Out Point has been a tourist attraction because of breathtaking scenery..
From the Kompleks Pelancongan Menara Tinjau, had became an ideal place to view KL city..

However, due to the popularity of the place, 'people' are taking the advantage..
Click HERE for more information..
The high rental is a MUST to implement on the tenant?
Well, that's for you to decide..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jackie Chan - Superstar

Everyone knows about Jackie Chan..
World class action star..
Hollywood celebrity..

He has been ambassador for a lot of products..
This is something I came across about the products..

BaWang Shampoo:


Delighting you always

How to fight against virus? Jackie Chan of course!
I mean, Kaspersky by Jackie Chan.. =)

AirAsia website:

Airasia is trying to get more passenger by giving away Kaspersky.
Airasia is trying to get more passenger by promoting Kaspersky because of Jackie Chan
Airasia is trying to get more passenger by having Jackie Chan infront of their website?

Anyway, just an advertising gimmick.. =)
Hope Airasia wouldn't not ended up like BaWang.. Click HERE for more infomation..
I still need Airasia to fly!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Decor.. Ho Ho Ho..

Dashing through the snow,
On a one horse open sleigh,
Over the fields we go,
Laughing all the way..
Ho Ho Ho..~!

The month of giving is here!
Christmas decoration is everywhere I go..

Location: Mid Valley..
Theme : Toys

The decoration in Mid Valley is nice.. But something is much better.. =)

Location: One Utama
Theme : Cottage style? No idea.. xD

One Utama has taken a big step in Christmas decoration..
They have built look-alike shops all around the mall..
Exhibition area has turned into a Christmas village!
There's a fake pond in the middle where there will be performance from time to time..

Do stop by and take some pictures during this festive season! =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am tired... That's all

For the first time in my 4 years MMU life..
I felt so tensed up with the current life I am having..
It's not that my life is hectic...

It's just that after 4 years of studying, I am losing the sense of direction..
When you thought that you are doing the thing you like, it turns out, it is not..
For now, I will get it done once and for all..
Just can try my best to cope with all the things I have to do..
I'm taking this as first step towards my working life..
But I won't be sticking to the same ol' same ol' life..

I am going to make my life exciting and worth living for!
I am going to break this hierarchy and living my own life!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

smashpOp's Lenovo Giveaway to ME!!! =)

Guess what people?!
"smashpOp" is giving away FREE Lenovo Ideapad U460 for his loyal fans! W00tss!!
I am so happy that I got the chance to win a new laptop for myself!
And all I have to do is just post something FUN to win it..

One friend is Fun..
Two friend is More fun..
I am having not one, not two but a GANG of friends..
So I am having a GANG of FUN!
What will be more fun than to be together as a bunch of monkeys thrashing and crashing everywhere we go?
If that is not FUN, NOTHING WILL! xD
I believe a picture worth a thousand words..
And these words represent how happy we are when we are together as ONE.

So guys, come and support me!
A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Help me to get a new laptop, will ya? =)

All you have to do is this:
See the banner above?
Just post it in your blog and state "I Support Siew5" below this banner and link it back to
Taa Daa..
And your vote is mine already.. Easy enough? =)

I know you guys would like to win a brand new laptop too right?
smashpOp's Lenovo Giveaway... away.. .. away.. . . .. away.. . ......
Sharing is caring.. =DDD

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A small lesson..

A beggar to another beggar: I had a grand dinner yesterday.
How? The other beggar asked.
First beggar: Someone gave me a Rm100 note yesterday. I went to the KL Tower Revolving Restaurant and ordered wine & dinner worth Rm 1,000, and enjoyed the dinner. When the bill came, I said, I had no money.
The manager called the policeman, and handed me over to him. I gave the Rm 100 note to the police fellow,and he set me free.

The beggar manages to have a grand dinner because he is GOOD in managing his finance..

I wished I am a good juggler...

I am struggling to cope with my current life..
It is very hectic for the time being..
Even though it is just end of the third week, pressures are piling up..
Between my personal life and study life..
It hard to maintain both..
I just couldn't get the pivot point between both..

Instead of maintaining..
I hope I can juggle between both of them..
Today is personal, Tomorrow is study..
I am sure it is much better compare to maintain both at stable point.

I wished that I am a good juggler..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What matters most?

Life is just as complicated as a puzzle game..
We trying hard to find the missing pieces and put it back into our lives..
It can be easy if we know what we want all along..

This weekend supposed to be a good one..
Was anticipating an event happening in MidValley..
However, few days back, I had sprained my leg..
No one to be blamed..
It's a futsal game.. You win or you lose..
But I paid a heavier price which is spraining my leg..

Sport suppose to be healthy but most of the time,
being a competitive person, WINNING is what I am aiming for..
No matter futsal, football, basketball or badminton..
All I am getting is bruises and scars all over..

I play the game, is to WIN the game..

Right now, my life is a game..
All in and win big or lose everything I ever have..
It is now or never to have a better life.. Better future...

So, what matters most?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lately I have kept on surveying phone..
Nowadays, it's hard to decide what kind of phone you want to own...
From the old-school brand like Nokia and Sony Ericsson..
More competitors arise..
Now, the mobile market is strongly dominate by Iphone..
With the latest Iphone4 launched in Malaysia, other's phone's price will have a drastic drop(finger crossed)..

With the current technology, I am still able to keep up with it..
Looking back at my parents, they are not exposed to much technology before..
In 20-30 years time, I wonder if i can follow the current trend of technology by then..
Instead of driving car nowadays, in the future, we might be flying a mini plane?

Note to myself:
Gotta stay updated with the latest gadget and technology..

Environment Friendly..

Raya holiday is over..
Everyone is coming back from their 'kampung'..
You can see by looking at traffic jam in KL and PJ area..
All the hotspot will definitely jam when office hour coming to an end..

Today I was trapped in a traffic jam..
When I looked around me..
I realise one thing..

Most of the car is driven by a driver..
If not, who drive the car? =.=
Haha.. What I'm trying to say is that, only one inside a car who is the driver himself/herself..

Suddenly I asked myself..
Why everyone has to drive a car by themselves?
I was educated since I am a kid about carpooling..
But yet, not much people are practicing it..

Is it because of:-
1)Low cost of the petrol?
2)Cheap toll rate?
3)No need to pay parking in Malaysia?
4)Everyone owns a car nowadays?
5)Everyone likes to drive a car?

Don't get me wrong, I'm driving a car to work too..
However, I am forced to do so..
No choice but to drive a car by myself..
Everyone also in the same situation as I am? I wonder..

If every company set up a rules of encouraging employee to carpool, will it works?
Let say company can subsidize for their petrol?
I think this is better than company paying for their employees' car park fees..
Less car, less carpark fees and better environment..
Environment will be much better with less car on the road..
By doing so, the road will be much smoother during office hour and less emission of CO2 into the air..
Perhaps this might be a good plan.. No one ever knows.. =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Moisture generally refers to the presence of water, often in trace amount
To be honest, I do think I'm a very moist kind of guy..
Why?Because I do sweat a lot from time to time..
I do think it does give me some problem because I am pursuing in Engineering field, majoring in Electronics.With sweaty palm, I am afraid that I might electrocuted one day..

Definitely don't want to die deep fried! >.< !!
I might be the first one in the history to be electrocuted with sweat! xD

However, my feet are not the same case..
Due to wearing shoes most of the time, my feet are always dry..
The skin will be seen cracking as if I am 80 years old ma
As a student myself, how to keep myself moisture?

By using Vaselin of course!
But with limited pocket money every month, I gotta be thrifty to buy Vaselin product.
I have to use this small bottle of vaselin to put on my feet..
Talk about cheapskate, I am definitely one of them!

Now worry no more!
With Vaselin organizing this " Are You Moist Enough? " contest,
I have the opportunity to win:-
1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + Vaseline products

Even if I can't get the first, second or third prize,
I will keep my finger crossed for the consolation prize!
With Rm2oo cash and Vaselin products, I am sure my old-skinned feet will be much better for now..
Of course, if I ever get to win the Grand prize, I no need to worry about
spending money on Vaselin product anymore and with some extra cold hard cash for me to spend!
My feet will be like baby's feet in no time! Smooth and silky?!! xD

My feet are trying to blossom like a flower after using Vaseline Intensive Care!
After using Vaseline Intensive Care!!

I hope that I will be able to show these feet to everyone in the Luna bar! =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blokus wanna-Be

Does anyone knows about Blokus?
It is a strategy gaming / board game kind of thing..
The game is pretty simple..
All we have to do is block other player than advancing to other place..
To put it in simple word, all we have to do is try to use up all our blocks to win.

Has been addicted to this game when it is first introduced by some society..
Tried to find this board game in Malaysia but in vain..
Search in ebay and it is available at RM150++ including delivery fees from other

So guess what I found in a small shopping mall in my hometown?

Yeah! I found Blokus wanna-Be!
But instead of blokus, it's called Squares!
For the Chinese words, I don't know what it says though.. =)
In terms of size and blocks shape, I think should be 99% matched to the original Blokus..
I got the urges to buy this FAKE damn thing!
It's doesn't matter if it is not the original one.
As long as we can play the same thing, it's ok right?

However, think that I can get it in my hometown,
And I wonder who I can play with..
I abandon my plan to buy it..
Next time.. If I see that again..
I'll think again.. =)
But the way.. The price for that thing is just RM60..
Tempting??? xD

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want the whole world!

I am born greedy...
I want everything..
But I just couldn't get them..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Something to laugh about..

A short story for you guys.. Just for laugh.. =)

I would like to be the DIY guy for the pretty neighbour next door..xD

Thursday, September 2, 2010

At the crossroad..

It's that time again when we reach a crossroad..

It is when we have to make a decision(s) that would determine our future..
FYP is just around the corner..
Got no idea what I am going to do..
I haven't really decide what topic I should have take while other have been booking lecturers for their FYP..

FYP aside, many other thing that have been circling in my head..
Something that would be live changing..
For better or for worse..
When people are getting older, problem getting tougher, live getting shorter..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time and Money wait for No one..

Time :
Internship will be coming to an end soon..
Soon meaning around one and a half months to go..
I don't like the internship period..
But I don't feel like going back to MMU and continue to study..
Seriously, don't feel like studying anymore...
But don't like to work as well..
What a dilemma..
Gotta worry about my Log book, Report, Presentation, FYP!
Nightmare will start soon..

Money :
Money will never be enough..
We are living our lives to earn more and more money..
The more money we have, the more we spend..
At the end, we have to earn even more..
Every single thing is money..
The moment I start to work, money is my face..
Of course, I don't have the AGONG face on me la..
So much to buy, so little time, so little money..
Sometimes I pity myself that I couldn't buy anything I like without looking at the price..
Money comes first no matter what..
Every single things I want, need money to be success..

Love season is the air~~!
Love bug is everywhere..
I can't believe that Love bug has bitten many of my friends.. xD
I'm happy with you guys..
It's hard to maintain a relationship..
But actually, it's harder to get into relationship..Don't you think so..
It's our luck that our path crosses each other..
We may take the short-cut out of the friendship/relationship..
But I am walking with you guys..
I'm might sway away from the path, but I will be coming back..
So don't move on without me..
Let's move on together and leave behind the unnecessary thing..
Sadness, heart-breakness and Yin-ness..
It's not necessary that Yin is needed for Yang..
That's why we got L and G..

Enjoy the Gay song.. =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Guess who is back, baby?!!
Milla Jovovich, Alice, is back and kicking some bad-@$$!
Who can ever forget this zombie killing, hot chick?

If I am Alice, I will make it a big entry back to the Umbrella Corporation..No more hide and seek..
Just pure violence and explosion!..
I will end this battle once and for all..

First of all, I will try to lure as many zombies as possible to the Umbrella Corporation..
This will surely keep them busy while I make my way towards Albert Wesker..As he possesses superhuman strength, speed and regenerative capabilities,
it is not easy for me to take him down all by myself..
Here comes my trusty friend, Claire Redfield...
Together, we can bring down this evil mastermind and bring peace to the world..

Using Umbrella Corporation's own research centre, we can produce antidote to control T-virus mutation..
This will be the Afterlife of the T-virus..
Everyone will be back to the old self..


Resident Evil: Afterlife will be a blast with the latest 3D technology used..
It will an out-of-the-world journey!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There goes my movie marathon!

July is the lucky month for me!
I was included into company's trip to Fraser Hill and Cameron Highland for 3 days 2 night..
Then I was invited to the movie screening of Inception, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Salt!

However, I din't go for the movie Inception because of the company's trip..
But I passed my ticket to my girlfriend instead..

So I'm back to go for The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie screening..
People may say the plot is repetitive, blahhh, blahh and more blahhh..
It is a movie god dammit!
And produce by Disney!
So they are targeting mostly children, perhap..
If you think the movie is predictable + repetitive, just stay away from cinema coz it will be the same for the rest of you life, old people!
Children do not know repetitive that kind of stuff..

As for Inception, I watched the movie by myself last weekend(Thursday to be more precise)..
Enjoyed the movie to the max!
Something mind-boggling movie that I have seen and I understand it..
I got better understanding because I roughly get the idea of the movie.. =)

For Salt, I manage to get a merchandise for being the early bird! xD
For the movie, it is just so-so..
The exaggerate action is a big put off..
Think about Lara Croft with superhuman power kind of thing..
Evelyn Salt is indestructible!
Might have Salt 2, but I will definitely pass on that..

Monday, July 5, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

If I am one of the infamous spy from Russia, I hope to be entrusted the mission to HACK into Nuffnang server.. WHY?
Who wouldn't with Nuffnang offering :
Sony bloggie™ camera worth RM899!
With Sony bloggie™ camera of high resolution MP4 video!
This cute yet highly efficient camera able to record in 1920 x 1080 high-definition MP4!
(OF COURSE! Nowaday, every single gadget must be in HD!)
On the other hand, with 270o Swivel lens, this thing can help me to capture image or record video in most of the unexpected scenarios!

I will by all means necessary:

1. I am willing to go through all the fuss of cosmetic make-over to become like this :
Tell me who can ever resist the beauty of Megan Fox??!
If somehow the cosmetic-makeover failed, I would rather go for permanent plastic surgery!
But I am taking a huge risk of getting this instead.. >.<>

I would call operation 1 as TransFOXation..

2. When the operation of TransFOXation succeed, I will sneak into Nuffnang headquarter and starts to seduce the person in charge of Salt - Movie Screening.. I will make sure that I am one of the lucky one to be invited for the movie premier and of course, make sure I am the winner of the Sony bloggie™ camera as well! HOW??

3. This will be the third stage of my mission.. I will look through every single post that join this competition.. All posts that are better than mine, I will delete them and make sure they never surface again.. I mean FOREVER AND EVER!

4. Lastly, I will just sit back and wait for the movie invite to be sent to me on 21st July 2010!

Well, even if somehow I missed out the grand prize, getting my hand on these do make my day :
Limited Edition Salt Laptop Backpack worth RM 250
Limited Edition Salt Sunglasses worth RM 250
Limited Edition Salt Snowy Beret worth RM180
Limited Edition Salt Lenticular Notebook worth RM100
Limited Edition Salt Hidden Travel Pouch worth RM100