Friday, September 17, 2010

Blokus wanna-Be

Does anyone knows about Blokus?
It is a strategy gaming / board game kind of thing..
The game is pretty simple..
All we have to do is block other player than advancing to other place..
To put it in simple word, all we have to do is try to use up all our blocks to win.

Has been addicted to this game when it is first introduced by some society..
Tried to find this board game in Malaysia but in vain..
Search in ebay and it is available at RM150++ including delivery fees from other

So guess what I found in a small shopping mall in my hometown?

Yeah! I found Blokus wanna-Be!
But instead of blokus, it's called Squares!
For the Chinese words, I don't know what it says though.. =)
In terms of size and blocks shape, I think should be 99% matched to the original Blokus..
I got the urges to buy this FAKE damn thing!
It's doesn't matter if it is not the original one.
As long as we can play the same thing, it's ok right?

However, think that I can get it in my hometown,
And I wonder who I can play with..
I abandon my plan to buy it..
Next time.. If I see that again..
I'll think again.. =)
But the way.. The price for that thing is just RM60..
Tempting??? xD

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