Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shout Out!

Wow.. It's been really so freaakkkiinnggg long!
Last post was 14 October 2011!
It's more than half a year I have not post a single post..

I have stepped into working life for almost a year now..
Well, two months to go and it'll be official one year time!
I am glad that I am able to adapt to my working environment.
I am really glad that I am able to mix around with my colleague.

2012 has not been good to me.
I really wonder if this year will be a terrible year for me.
Performance drop.
Learning curve stagnant.
Working my @$$ off but doesn't get any result at all.
Worst of all, the person that looks after me since the very first day I was born, my grandma, passed away.

When everything is just suck, I will always look upon the sky and think if my grandma is watching upon me..
Far far away, I know that she'll bless me and that really keep me going on.
I wonder if i need to go through all this just to train myself when walk is getting tough.
My life might not been a bed of roses nor a box of chocolate but...
My life has been carefree days when nothing much will really troubles me and gets into my head.
I guess, it's time for a change.

It's time to grow up.
Held up the responsibilities put on me.

"If you never plan your life, you are planning to fail"
It's meaningful but how many of us can walk the talk?