Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random video.. Lucky/Unlucky/Silly

These three video I come across from Youtube..

First : Lucky!

Second : Unlucky

Third : Silly!

1Malaysia - What do you think about it...

Today I get a message from Maxis..
It was asking for my opinion about 1Malaysia..
Usually, I would just delete that message..

However, today I sent out a reply..
My opinion on 1Malaysia concept..

This is what I wrote about 1Malaysia :

For 1Malaysia, there should be equal right for everyone. No one should be special than one and another. We are already in 21st century. Integrity is needed for 1Malaysia. Action must be shown toward people's if 1Malaysia is truly wanted to be achieve! Say no to racism. We are one big family living under one government. If the government 'cakap tak sama bikin', 1Malaysia will fail.

LOL.. This was what I sent back to Maxis..
I wonder where this message will be delivered.
Maybe Maxis 'Recycle Bin'.
It might be a trick from Maxis to get money from users. =D

Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Holiday EVER!

Wooohooo!!!..It was a well-spent week!

I went two place in one week(to be specific, FOUR or FIVE place)

First!Langkawi was the Island we all have crazy time together..
It seem like we dint do anything much..
But yet, we spend all our time together..That's the most important part of 'crazy trip'..

Here's some picture I took in Langkawi!

Next stop was Perlis, Kangar!
Here is where Dai Lou aka YeeKean hometown..
First time go all the way to the top of Peninsular Malaysia..

Then, I took the bus to Alor Setar..
Dint walk around much coz was rushing for the bus to go SP, Kedah..

Final stop was Hatyai, Thailand!
It was full of Malaysian over there..
Maybe due to Deepavali holiday..
Many Malaysian took the opportunity to go there and shop..

The stuff there was cheap..
Everyone bring large back to fill up with stuff before coming back to Malaysia ..

Looking for the upcoming trip!
Hopefully that time i can get better picture! xD

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funny Youtube Compilation video!

Here are some funny video that I have seen lately..

This one is One in a million!!!


Need one???

Watch for the Motocross guy!

This is my FAV ever!!

Rumour spread like wild fire..

Cant believe that rumour really spread so fast among the community..
Even small thing like this also will get big attention..
Never expect that!

Well, I guess this is all because of care (to be precise ~ very 'eight' ar!)

Still looking for the right time to strike..
Finding the best opportunity to get the best out of it..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Approaching My Dream

I'm one step closer to my dream...
Not really dream.. More specifically GOAL!

Hopefully, sooner than I expect, I can finally reach it!

Must put in more effort!

It's almost time!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Need to save up some money!

I need to start saving money..
So i can waste it ALL in ONE GO!

How to save money leh??
No idea yet..

But i definitely know how to waste it in ONE GO!

Haiz.. Final mood boh liao..

No mood want to study..


Just want to watch movie! Play games!