Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hopelessly, Hopeless

This is definitely not a good year for me..
Doesn't matter if I am born in the year of Rabbit or in the year of Dragon..
My life couldn't be any better for another 300++ days..

Been troubled with hell lot of troubles..
Too much problems.. Too much misunderstanding..
The heart sways without no real direction..

How much can I handle before I reach my break down point?
I seriously don't have any clue about it..
Everything will be happening within this year alone..
How much pressure.. How much burden I can cope with?

Being myself has been fun for all these years..
It's fun because I have never grow up...
It's fun because I have never think, never worried, never experienced..
It's fun because I have been living a carefree life all this while..

I am no longer living in a fairy tale..
It's time for me to wake up and face the challenge ahead..
The road seem long.. The path seem dark.. The light seem dimmed.. The life seem messed up..
There is a road for everyone.. There is a way for everyone..
I hope I can find one.. The way I live my life.. The way that I like..

Something has stucked in my head lately..
The words 'emotionally attached'..
It's true.. But how long will it last?
It might be just a bubble that might pop sooner or later..

All I can do right now is keep it real.. Keep it true.. And keep my finger crossed..