Monday, May 31, 2010

31st May 2010.. Memorable day..

What so memorable about this day??
Free and easy or unlucky day??

Today was the day I met with my colleague.. I just know few of them only actually..
Office is full of ladies ( My 'full' represents 3-4.. including manager)..
However, I'll be staying in the lab most of the time... YES! They got a lab, my friends!
The lab is just like our lab.. With all the electronics gadget and stuff...
Even though not luxury office.. Din't get high pay... Gotta use my pocket money to cover back the expense..
I really finger crossed so that I really can gain some experience during my four months training..
Nothing else is more important than that right now.. >.< ..

Ok.. Finish with that business..
Let move on..
So, I had a chicken + char siu rice.. Cost RM5.50.. (first and last time dy.. doesnt matter the price) =.=
Then, I went to Sunway all by myself..
Yeah.. Walking alone along the boulevard..
At first.. I thought someone would come join me, but someone is just too damn lazy... =(
Instead, I rush for 11.30am movie! WAHAHAHA..
I'm lifeless indeed today!
When most of my friends was having internship, I'm walking the walk.. Watching the watch..
Actually I was late for the movie..
Movie starts at 11.30 but I but the ticket at 11.40++am..
I'm PROUD! The cashier even told me that the movie started already..
And I tell him, "STFU and give me the ticket, GDU~!"
Nah.. I politely tell him that it doesnt matter.. =)
I not sure how much i missed out in the starting part..
Wait until i get to download the movie and I watch it again.. xD

At first, I thought that Sunway parking was RM1 for the first 4 hours during weekdays..
BUT!! They had changed it.. Now it's RM1 for the first THREE (3) HOURS! DAMN!
At the end, I paid RM3 for the parking! WHY?
RM1 for the first three hours.. RM1 for another subsequent hour.. and RM1 for extra 5 minutes!
If I know, I should have walk for another 45 minute at least!

Next, finding TM point near my place..
Round here and there and I finally found it..
Can't find parking again!
Gotta park at those reserve carpark and get charged RM1.50 per hour.. $_$
Done with my business, it was raining!
So, I just stop by KFC and had my lunch..
As soon as I finish my lunch, the rain starts to subside..
Just in time.. No need extra charges for the parking..
But from tomorrow onwards.. Gotta eat CHEAP!

Btw, the movie I watched is Prince of Persia.. I think it's just nice.. =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

2999 & 3388

Guess what is the total NEW/UNREAD mail that I received in my inbox..
2999 is just a lucky number when i randomly opened my mail box and bumped to this number..

2999 = easily for long long long ?? xD

Today, my NEW/UNREAD mail reach a new height..

3388 = all 38 38 email?

Actually it's mostly Facebook notification from the pictures I uploaded..
My friend tagging of my pictures..

But I just enjoy getting my email spammed as a result of pictures I uploaded.. =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When a little thing can mean so much...

A simple hug can be heart-warming..
A simple smile can be heart-melting..
A simple care can be heart-wrenching..

Lately, there's a lot going around us..
People come and go..
Whether you are expecting it or not..
It will just happen..

A simple hug of goodbye..
A simple hug of caring..

Everything happens in just one day...
Life moves on and let everything be apart of our memories..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't ask me why, but time has passed us by...

So this is the feeling of saying goodbye..

Someone who you know for so long..
Someone you are so closed to..
Someone that share your tears and laughter..
Someone that always will be there for you..

Hope you will have a great journey ahead..
Hope that when we see this picture,

We know that we once have this group of friends..
Take good care of yourselves, Crystal Goh..
We will remember you.. =)

不在乎天長地久 只在乎曾經擁有!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

6 days for Freedom..

10 May 2010...
The starts of a hectic week..
With four paper in this week.. 3 papers in a row..
It's not an easy thing to deal with..
I'm not the worst already..
Some friends of mine, had had 4 papers in three days.. 5 papers in four days..
I'm looking with my exam schedule already..

11am of 15 May 2010 will be the start of my short holiday..
Looking forward for the upcoming plans..
Gotta enjoy it for the last time..

1 June 2010..
The start of my internship program...
I not sure something that I should be looking forward to..
Or something I should be afraid off... ==

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two offer in two days!

After I have settle down with my internship stuff with my company..
Confirm everything about my company..

Two other company finally responded to my application..
One is through email stating that they are HIRING me after consideration..
I mean wtf with you guys?
I applies like MONTHS ago and now only I get the respond??
It's ok.. I rejected with manners..
Since the location of that company, I'm not very fond of..

Second company is a much better company I guess..
Kinda big.. Semicon company...
Called me this morning..
Speaking of cruel wake up call!
Not really sure that they are accepting my offer or they called me to kindly reject my offer..
But doesnt matter coz she dint get the chance to talk about the reason to call me..
I told her that I have accepted other offer..

Thought of letting go this company, I can no longer continue sleeping...
Oh well.. Just concentrate on my study then... =.=

Quote of the day

Suddenly, I thought about what my friend said this morning..
When everyone was feeling stress about exam paper at 9am, my friend said this:

TI = 0, everyone will be happy! Global!

I think most of you don't think it's funny..
I will give a brief explaination..

TI is refering to Table Indicator.
The value of TI can be either 0 or 1..
When TI = 0, it is refering to Global Descriptor Table..
When TI = 1, it is refering to Local Descriptor Table..

My friend thought of a simple way to memorize this characteristic..
Which is:

When TI (refering to another friend of mine) get 0, everyone is happy about it.. So global!

This Quote of the day make my day.. =)

2 down, 4 to go.. 10 days left...

My paper for this week has ended..
After staying up for few day..
Finally can sleep without setting alarm..
Even though deprive of sleep, I just slept for few only hour..

How I wish to sleep longer..
Right now, gotta strive for the best for the remaining paper..
Even though it mean to stay in the library until 3am in the morning..
Gotta use the remaining time to the fullest..

Don't cramp everything into the brain in the very last moment..
Talk about memorizing..
It gives me the nightmare!

Who want to join me in "Stay in the library until late night" plan? haha

Sunday, May 2, 2010


For a short period of time:

I saw this ->


From other people update in Facebook..
When I rub my eyes and see again..


Seriously, I don't know why I would mix up those two..
I guess I'm just plainly tooooooo tired..
Gotta get some rest already.. T_T