Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two offer in two days!

After I have settle down with my internship stuff with my company..
Confirm everything about my company..

Two other company finally responded to my application..
One is through email stating that they are HIRING me after consideration..
I mean wtf with you guys?
I applies like MONTHS ago and now only I get the respond??
It's ok.. I rejected with manners..
Since the location of that company, I'm not very fond of..

Second company is a much better company I guess..
Kinda big.. Semicon company...
Called me this morning..
Speaking of cruel wake up call!
Not really sure that they are accepting my offer or they called me to kindly reject my offer..
But doesnt matter coz she dint get the chance to talk about the reason to call me..
I told her that I have accepted other offer..

Thought of letting go this company, I can no longer continue sleeping...
Oh well.. Just concentrate on my study then... =.=

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