Saturday, January 23, 2010

21 January

This date of the month January, I had passed for 22 times already..
For the first time in my life, I celebrate with more than one person!
Been celebrating with my girlfriend for the last two years or so in Penang most of the time..
It's because my holiday always falls during holiday..

21 January 2010, 12.15am :
Celebrated my birthday with a group of friends at a futsal court..
First time ever!

21 January 2010, around 8pm ++
Surprised party from my friends again in FullHouse, Sunway Pyramid..
So practically I celebrated my birthday TWICE with the same friends..

What more can I asked for?
It's just lucky that I got all these friends..
With them, My life is POLLUTED with all the nasty stuff..
But I'm loving it each and everyday.. =)

Thanks my friends~!

Best part is present!..s
These are the stuffs I get for 21 January 2010!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If I'm lucky, Why I don't win lottery??

I would like to ask..
Am I that lucky?
Or is it my name that damn annoying??
How could something like that happen to me??
Why treat me that way??

WHY??? HOW???

Just can keep my finger crossed now..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last Trimester of Delta Year

So, the curtain is starting to close down..
Soon, my study life will be coming to an end..
Yeah, I know I still got one and a half year to go..
I used to say the same thing when I first come to MMU..
Include foundation year, I got 5 years in total..
Now??? Left one and a half year..

Time is closing down in my life..
It seems like my life is getting shorter and shorter day by day.. LOL??
People getting older, lazier but aint any smarter..

As smart as human being can be,
It's still as fragile as glass..
You need to handle with care..

Look at what has happened in Haiti..
Many people might not know Haiti few days before..
But now, the world's attention is at Haiti..
Within split second, thousand of lives buried with the dreams and future..

How to live a good life?
Work hard for a better future or enjoy every second as if there's no tomorrow??
I'm sitting on a fence for this..
Until now, I still not sure what my future holds.

Pray for the people in Haiti..
And all around the world where disaster strikes..

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine's Day

14 February 2010
It would be the best day of my life!
Because I'm going to date TAYLOR SWIFT out!!
It's like a dream comes true..

For this big day,
I will bring her out to "A Place In This World" where no one else will spoil our day..
No paparazzi, no work, no stress..

A place like this would be heaven..
Enjoying the breeze..
Having a dip in the blue sea..
Chilling with a nice drink..

It would be "The Best Day" for both of us.

As the award-winning singer, Taylor Swift could not resist herself from singing, of course!
I'll be the lucky person that she is singing spontaneously to me and just me alone.. xD
I would wish that this would last for "Forever & Always"..

The biggest "Superstar" is right in front of me..
Smilling so ever sweetly, singing as gracefully as a nightingale..
It makes me "Fearless" even if the end of world is approaching..

I am "Tied Together With A Smile", hypnotized by her talent and her looks of an angel..

If only I'm "Fifteen", then I'm going to tell her that I love her and she is gonna believe it.
I would not hesitate to tell her that "You Belong With Me", "Forever & Always"..
With her around, I will be feeling new with every "Breathe" I take..

As the day goes by,
She has composed "Our Song" for me to keep it as a memory..
A song only we know..

I will get myself a guitar and play "Our Song" before the day is over..
As the song reaching to the end, "Teardrops On My Guitar"..
Tears of unwillingness to let go..

When we are finally coming to a point where we need to go our separate ways,
She whispers to me that "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"..

This would be the perfect "Love Story"...

When Stars and Hearts meet

**100% fictional, but how I wish that it is real.. =D**

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 3

This will be the final part of my Christmas days in Singapore..
Finally it's the night scenery around Orchard Road..
It's just some pictures taken with and without tripod..
Some with and some without..

This picture was handheld..
The best I can get.. BUT!
Damn! The light is not fully light yet! @_@

With all the blue light

The busy Orchard Road

Getting a present from Santa? It's Priceless..
For everything else, Visa will settle it for you.. =)

Ferrero Rocher in the night..
Never lost it's glitters..

The walkway was crowded by people..

The majestic - Ngee Ann City
** Not sure Chinese name or Vietnamese name, anyone can help?**

Old Chang Kee, Love it's Curry Puff! =)

Nice effect??

Without the two soul...

Merry Christmas!
Taken with tripod..

Without tripod... =.=


Taken somewhere..
I wonder where did I took this.. erm....

That's all for my Singapore Christmas trip!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
**I know it's long past**
***Wish you Chinese New Year in advance then...***

Visit HERE if you would like to see BIGGER size pictures.. xD

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 2

Just back from a trip from Kedah..
Was having a busy busy days over there..
But glad that everything went on smoothly.. =)

So back to Christmas Days in Singapore..
Actually I feel like giving up to update this..
But since I have started the first part, I gotta proceed with the next, until the end..

The next day, I was dropped at Botanic Garden..
I never thought that the park was SOOOOO big..
I take about 1 hour ++ to walk from one end to another end..
(actually, I don't think it's the end yet.. xD)
Spend too much time taking pictures from place to place..

Can't get myself away from shooting flowers.. =.=

Swan Paradise

I like this one..


A small little hut... Very soothing environment...
I heard this hut is one of place for wedding shots..

Nice looking bonsai...


After left Botanic Garden, I was heading towards Orchard Road..
Just took some Christmas Decor only..
Was waiting for Night to come.. =)

Tang Lin Mall

Next was ION Orchard.. Very big shopping mall!
Din't walk inside of it..
Just walk through the mall to get to the other side..

ION Orchard

Big Mall, of course with Big Christmas Tree.. =)

It's time for self-shot aka syok sendiri (S.S)

You can actually go into the Christmas Tree!

White Balance Try-out
Which one is better???

Full with branded store (LV, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, DIOR?)

Some other decor..

Christmas Tree out of Ferrero Rocher.. Yum!!

Paragon Decor

My FAVOURITE finding of the day!
Picture is self explanatory! xD

**Enlarge the pictures above by right click and open with new tab/new browsers**

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 1

25th December 2009:
It was a pity that I never bring my camera along..What I thought to be a brief lunch, ended up shopping for that whole day..
Had lunch at Asian Kitchen

Then roasted chicken was extraordinary..
The skin was almost fat-less.. and as thin as a paper!
(the picture was stolen from other blog. .xD)

Next stop was VIVO city..
Din't really see Christmas decor though..

Then it was dinner time!
Has Peking Duck..
The skin of the duck was cut-off and made into spring-roll..
Just marvelous! =)

26th December 2009:
Finally get to watch AVATAR in 3D at Bugis..
This time I din't forget to bring my camera along..
But, when i finished my movie, which was around 2someth, it was a gloomy day..
It was raining when I was watching movie..
But still, won't forget to take some pictures...

Next was Somerset..
It was still new I guess..
Every shopping centres were crowded with people..

That's all for now.. =)