Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 3

This will be the final part of my Christmas days in Singapore..
Finally it's the night scenery around Orchard Road..
It's just some pictures taken with and without tripod..
Some with and some without..

This picture was handheld..
The best I can get.. BUT!
Damn! The light is not fully light yet! @_@

With all the blue light

The busy Orchard Road

Getting a present from Santa? It's Priceless..
For everything else, Visa will settle it for you.. =)

Ferrero Rocher in the night..
Never lost it's glitters..

The walkway was crowded by people..

The majestic - Ngee Ann City
** Not sure Chinese name or Vietnamese name, anyone can help?**

Old Chang Kee, Love it's Curry Puff! =)

Nice effect??

Without the two soul...

Merry Christmas!
Taken with tripod..

Without tripod... =.=


Taken somewhere..
I wonder where did I took this.. erm....

That's all for my Singapore Christmas trip!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
**I know it's long past**
***Wish you Chinese New Year in advance then...***

Visit HERE if you would like to see BIGGER size pictures.. xD

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