Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last Trimester of Delta Year

So, the curtain is starting to close down..
Soon, my study life will be coming to an end..
Yeah, I know I still got one and a half year to go..
I used to say the same thing when I first come to MMU..
Include foundation year, I got 5 years in total..
Now??? Left one and a half year..

Time is closing down in my life..
It seems like my life is getting shorter and shorter day by day.. LOL??
People getting older, lazier but aint any smarter..

As smart as human being can be,
It's still as fragile as glass..
You need to handle with care..

Look at what has happened in Haiti..
Many people might not know Haiti few days before..
But now, the world's attention is at Haiti..
Within split second, thousand of lives buried with the dreams and future..

How to live a good life?
Work hard for a better future or enjoy every second as if there's no tomorrow??
I'm sitting on a fence for this..
Until now, I still not sure what my future holds.

Pray for the people in Haiti..
And all around the world where disaster strikes..

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ah bird said...

Hold on to the present and Hope on for the future.

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