Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine's Day

14 February 2010
It would be the best day of my life!
Because I'm going to date TAYLOR SWIFT out!!
It's like a dream comes true..

For this big day,
I will bring her out to "A Place In This World" where no one else will spoil our day..
No paparazzi, no work, no stress..

A place like this would be heaven..
Enjoying the breeze..
Having a dip in the blue sea..
Chilling with a nice drink..

It would be "The Best Day" for both of us.

As the award-winning singer, Taylor Swift could not resist herself from singing, of course!
I'll be the lucky person that she is singing spontaneously to me and just me alone.. xD
I would wish that this would last for "Forever & Always"..

The biggest "Superstar" is right in front of me..
Smilling so ever sweetly, singing as gracefully as a nightingale..
It makes me "Fearless" even if the end of world is approaching..

I am "Tied Together With A Smile", hypnotized by her talent and her looks of an angel..

If only I'm "Fifteen", then I'm going to tell her that I love her and she is gonna believe it.
I would not hesitate to tell her that "You Belong With Me", "Forever & Always"..
With her around, I will be feeling new with every "Breathe" I take..

As the day goes by,
She has composed "Our Song" for me to keep it as a memory..
A song only we know..

I will get myself a guitar and play "Our Song" before the day is over..
As the song reaching to the end, "Teardrops On My Guitar"..
Tears of unwillingness to let go..

When we are finally coming to a point where we need to go our separate ways,
She whispers to me that "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"..

This would be the perfect "Love Story"...

When Stars and Hearts meet

**100% fictional, but how I wish that it is real.. =D**


Miz~Paranoia said...

this is abso-freaking-lutely indigenous...
man you're damn creative
i bet u gonna win this one!!

Siew5 said...

hye there.. thanks!
hope that i'll win this too! =)

Miz~Paranoia said...

haha.. yes yes.. if i enter n hope i win.. then mayb can see u!! lols.. btw i saw u at billion tat day!

Siew5 said...

lol.. izzit?? you never drop by to say hi also..

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