Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 1

25th December 2009:
It was a pity that I never bring my camera along..What I thought to be a brief lunch, ended up shopping for that whole day..
Had lunch at Asian Kitchen

Then roasted chicken was extraordinary..
The skin was almost fat-less.. and as thin as a paper!
(the picture was stolen from other blog. .xD)

Next stop was VIVO city..
Din't really see Christmas decor though..

Then it was dinner time!
Has Peking Duck..
The skin of the duck was cut-off and made into spring-roll..
Just marvelous! =)

26th December 2009:
Finally get to watch AVATAR in 3D at Bugis..
This time I din't forget to bring my camera along..
But, when i finished my movie, which was around 2someth, it was a gloomy day..
It was raining when I was watching movie..
But still, won't forget to take some pictures...

Next was Somerset..
It was still new I guess..
Every shopping centres were crowded with people..

That's all for now.. =)

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