Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 2

Just back from a trip from Kedah..
Was having a busy busy days over there..
But glad that everything went on smoothly.. =)

So back to Christmas Days in Singapore..
Actually I feel like giving up to update this..
But since I have started the first part, I gotta proceed with the next, until the end..

The next day, I was dropped at Botanic Garden..
I never thought that the park was SOOOOO big..
I take about 1 hour ++ to walk from one end to another end..
(actually, I don't think it's the end yet.. xD)
Spend too much time taking pictures from place to place..

Can't get myself away from shooting flowers.. =.=

Swan Paradise

I like this one..


A small little hut... Very soothing environment...
I heard this hut is one of place for wedding shots..

Nice looking bonsai...


After left Botanic Garden, I was heading towards Orchard Road..
Just took some Christmas Decor only..
Was waiting for Night to come.. =)

Tang Lin Mall

Next was ION Orchard.. Very big shopping mall!
Din't walk inside of it..
Just walk through the mall to get to the other side..

ION Orchard

Big Mall, of course with Big Christmas Tree.. =)

It's time for self-shot aka syok sendiri (S.S)

You can actually go into the Christmas Tree!

White Balance Try-out
Which one is better???

Full with branded store (LV, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, DIOR?)

Some other decor..

Christmas Tree out of Ferrero Rocher.. Yum!!

Paragon Decor

My FAVOURITE finding of the day!
Picture is self explanatory! xD

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ah bird said...

u found, 7-11 ?

Siew5 said...

yeah... u got sharp eyes.. =.=

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