Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two more week : Countdown toward Final...

Stress starting to creep into me.. Seeing TzeIng so stressful remind me that I still got a long way to go for my final..

Do I have enough time to pass all my subject? I doubt it..

My heart still full of laziness.. I wonder will it ever go away..

Now still gotta rush for ECP assignment.. Wont be around Cyber for next few days..

Will only back to Cyber on Sunday morning.. Luckily the due date has been extended to Monday 5pm.. Piieeww!

Must find information for my groupmate before I'm away.. I just cant leave it all to them.. Could I?? Hmm... Nope.. I guess it's against my principle.. A man got to do what a man got to do!

Anyway, MMU again create another history in my life.. MMU totally black-out! Is it possible? I guess MMU might be in debt? Never pay for the electricity bill? LOL..
The only thing they wont get cut off is Telephone line and Internet services.. Haha..

I guess it's time to "pak pia" dy if i dun want fail any subject.

Gambateh and Good luck to me! ^.6

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jump, Shoot, Score!

I dedicate this video to TzeIng! GOGO Lakers!

Lakers 4-1.. End Of Utah Jazz

Cavs 4-0... End of Detroit Piston Era...

MircoElectronic, It's killing me hardly!

Wow.. Tough night for FOE majoring in Electronics student. Everyone must be working their @$$ off for MicroE assignment.
For those who are as lazy as i'm. I wish you well done coz we have survive the unthinkable!

Never thought that I need to stay all night to do the assignment(to be specific, copy cat-ing assignment XD)

I guess majority student are doin the same.. Only minority, those who are beyond Godlike has the capabilities to solo it. For normal human like me, all i can do is last minute work.

If only I was given another week, I'll surely try to do the assignment myself (quote from Xiao Jen)

If only I was given another week, I'll make sure Mr. Vishnu can mark my assignment without thinking about plagiarism.

If only I was given another week, I wouldn't need to stay up all night, going through hard times, listen to KF "racist" slang.

If only I was given another week...

Next, is ECP assignment!

Note: We set the due date on this thursday ok? So we will rush it before thursday ok? LOL

Friday, April 24, 2009

House Cleaning.. Anyone??

When i check my mail box today, i saw this ad..

House cleaning service.. I was captured by this few lines..

"By Beautiful girl" and "With Extra Activities"

Hmm.. Maybe extra activities are CAR WASH? LAUNDRY?
I guess i should mess up my house and ask for her service! XD

**Phone number is censored to help avoid promoting extra activities** HAHAHAH

What happen in the library.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Today have to pass up EPM assignment and have EEN quiz. Stay awake almost whole night just to finish off the EPM assignment while try to study for EEN quiz.

In the afternoon, I was studying in the library. Suddenly the ALARM start ringing..
Those librarian start shouting "FIRE! FIRE" while some other was shouting " TINGGALKAN BARANG ANDA! LETAKKAN SEMULA BARANG ANDA".

Those who tried to save their possession was SCOLDED for taking things along while RUNNING FOR SAFETY.

Me, ShanShan and another friend were taking our time, packing our notes, pencil and stuff SLOWLY before the librarian shouted at us. "JANGAN AMBIL BARANG! CEPAT KELUAR! FIRE! FIRE'.

The funny thing is those IS was running as if there was a fire broke out! They were rushing trying to get out from the library. I guess they never expose to this situation before.
Local student has been use with all this so called "Fire Escape Plan or something" since PRIMARY SCHOOL? Just that i never expect the same thing will happen in MMU. I wonder does the same thing happen in INTI, TAYLOR or SUNWAY?

We have to wait at the outside of the library for about like half an hour before we are allowed to go back into the library. SERIOUSLY, FAT Fireman arrive to the scene. All i can see them doing is just walking here and there. From the left to the right. Maybe want to act as if they were trying to find existing FIRE SOURCE?

You know why the FIREMEN are FAT? Because MMU has prepared KUIH or SOME FOOD for them to eat after the operation is over. What they have done anyway? Drive all the way from the BOMBA STATION to MMU. WALK AROUND AND DO NOTHING? Like that they deserve food? I give the food to the MMU cleaner better la. Too bad i din't bring along camera to capture the whole OPERATION thingy.. It's hilarious with IS running for their lives.

If a fire really break out, I wonder the librarian will still br asking people to go out or be the first one running out for their lives? I guess i have to wait for another alarm to ring next time in the future.

Anyway, MMU really rocks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, we are now back to basic. The chicken come first or the egg?
It's just something we can't and won't find out.
One asked me about this question,
Siew5, do you have respect to yourselves?

Without second thought,
Nope, cause I don't have respect to you. Why would I respect myself when I'm talking to you.

Lol.. It's like something not making any sense right?
I not sure what I'm trying to say anyway.
When I thought of it, which one comes first?

Respect yourselves?


Respect themselves?

So which one comes first? You should respect yourselves first before respecting others or respect others then only you know how to respect yourselves?
It's strange cause we like people to respect us. On the other hand, we disrecpect other.

Does it make sense?

Disrespecting others = Disrespecting yourselves?

I guess it's just a dependable variable. It depends on how you manipulating it.

For me, if I have some disrespect for you, don't be annoyed because you should be proud.
I only disrespect those who are close to me. Someone i called "FRIENDS".
So if you feel annoyed, then be happy la.. Because you have a friend that will be there for you whenever you have trouble.

(** haha.. nothing serious about this la. Because i been "shooting" alot of people lately and somehow, some people tend to get "shot". So i'm here to say that I DON'T CARE! cause u cant run away from "my shooting" range. HAHAHA.. XD

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cup Stacking.. Ever heard of it? This is record breaking stuff!

Guess what i found when i was reading TIME magazine.. it's about this BOY here, age 11 years old holding the record for the FASTEST cup stacking sport ever.. Don't blink or else, you'll missed everything! LOL..

Weird sports, but yet record breaking stuff.. =,=


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I dedicate this song, Ken Lee, to all my friends!

LOL, when i was just trying to study EEM, TzeIng send me something very interesting. I hope all my friends will enjoy this..
Seriously, there's much more other things that is weirder than me in this world. =.=

Me Weird, You Weirder, They Weirdest?! @@

Pangkor Island - The THIRD Island i'll visit after Penang Island and BALI island. ^.^

Woohoo... tmr going Pangkor Island lo.. hmm..feeling excited leh.. u know why?
Because i excited about my EEM exam which will be held on 21/04. My trip will be from 17-19 April.. So Kan Cheong lo.. >.<
This is the Island, in the Perak state.. Here's one preview of the Island..What can you see?? Just fishing boats.. Not even Banana boat.. =.="
OH.. a correction.. THis will be the Fourth Island i'll be visiting..
First - Penang Island
SECOND - SINGAPORE Island (left out this)
Third - BALI Island
Fouth - Pangkor Island

I'll update about how the real Pangkor looks like! LOL..

**8 hours to go before need to gather at STAD building** (11.00pm)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

11/04 - 12/04 : Being sucker for 1 and a half day.

One day, 6 Cyber-kia and 2 SK-ian come to town to find work. They were so happy that they found work as a promoter for 2 days. They'll be paid and might get commission as well.. And here is the climax starts...
We are all eager to start work... However, due to circumstances....Know what they all doing over there??
Can guess what's happening??
Our big boys are playing with SAND ART! wow.. This is interesting...
Consolation prize winners... Most important is the grand prize winner... (**drum**)

Mr. Bird Brain is the winner! This is his prize.. Soft toys, Sissy stuffs and everything nice... ^.^

After that, we all been seen like this...

No 1 ever work anymore... everyone was busy finding places to sit, to laze around.. THE END!
**We do do our part as a promoter.. we do sell our things to the customer..**

Woohoo.. SFai is a blogger now~!

After stop blogging for so long (from xanga to friendster blog), i hv decided to blog once again.. Why would i blog? Well, there's numerous reason for me to do so..

1) I might be RICH if my blog ever get famous!
2)Blog can be a WAR tool (any1 wanna start a WORD fight?)
3)Just to waste some time typing all the weirdest thing i can think of.

After been going through some of my friends blog, what i learn from KF is a good way to earn money.. simply put in some deserted pic or someth, that consider a blog.. so y not i try to start a new one for myself?

Thought of thing to write about though.. But then, after minutes of consideration, I'm more matured.. I shouldn't POST someth so SILLY like WHO_SAY_WHAT kind of stuff.. Man.. I'm SO BUSY.. I WISH I CAN DO SOME SLIDES.. but, it's ok.. i can just PUSH it away.. no biggie about it.. it's a groupwork anyway, I GOT GROUP MEMBER THAT CAN DO IT FOR ME. i should just care about my stuff.. SINCE MY TRUE FRIENDs, MY FAMILY are supporting me to DO WHAT RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG...

omg.. what i have bee typing? no idea.. i guess ........