Monday, April 27, 2009

MircoElectronic, It's killing me hardly!

Wow.. Tough night for FOE majoring in Electronics student. Everyone must be working their @$$ off for MicroE assignment.
For those who are as lazy as i'm. I wish you well done coz we have survive the unthinkable!

Never thought that I need to stay all night to do the assignment(to be specific, copy cat-ing assignment XD)

I guess majority student are doin the same.. Only minority, those who are beyond Godlike has the capabilities to solo it. For normal human like me, all i can do is last minute work.

If only I was given another week, I'll surely try to do the assignment myself (quote from Xiao Jen)

If only I was given another week, I'll make sure Mr. Vishnu can mark my assignment without thinking about plagiarism.

If only I was given another week, I wouldn't need to stay up all night, going through hard times, listen to KF "racist" slang.

If only I was given another week...

Next, is ECP assignment!

Note: We set the due date on this thursday ok? So we will rush it before thursday ok? LOL


Yin Fung said...

yaya. hopefully cheating urself works. =p. dun lemme hear the quote "if gime one more day". hahaha

Siew5 said...

1 more day is just not enough.. If only give me 1 more week.. i'm sure i can make it through..
**I'll make it through the rain. I'll stand up once again!**

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