Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Woohoo.. SFai is a blogger now~!

After stop blogging for so long (from xanga to friendster blog), i hv decided to blog once again.. Why would i blog? Well, there's numerous reason for me to do so..

1) I might be RICH if my blog ever get famous!
2)Blog can be a WAR tool (any1 wanna start a WORD fight?)
3)Just to waste some time typing all the weirdest thing i can think of.

After been going through some of my friends blog, what i learn from KF is a good way to earn money.. simply put in some deserted pic or someth, that consider a blog.. so y not i try to start a new one for myself?

Thought of thing to write about though.. But then, after minutes of consideration, I'm more matured.. I shouldn't POST someth so SILLY like WHO_SAY_WHAT kind of stuff.. Man.. I'm SO BUSY.. I WISH I CAN DO SOME SLIDES.. but, it's ok.. i can just PUSH it away.. no biggie about it.. it's a groupwork anyway, I GOT GROUP MEMBER THAT CAN DO IT FOR ME. i should just care about my stuff.. SINCE MY TRUE FRIENDs, MY FAMILY are supporting me to DO WHAT RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG...

omg.. what i have bee typing? no idea.. i guess ........



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