Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two more week : Countdown toward Final...

Stress starting to creep into me.. Seeing TzeIng so stressful remind me that I still got a long way to go for my final..

Do I have enough time to pass all my subject? I doubt it..

My heart still full of laziness.. I wonder will it ever go away..

Now still gotta rush for ECP assignment.. Wont be around Cyber for next few days..

Will only back to Cyber on Sunday morning.. Luckily the due date has been extended to Monday 5pm.. Piieeww!

Must find information for my groupmate before I'm away.. I just cant leave it all to them.. Could I?? Hmm... Nope.. I guess it's against my principle.. A man got to do what a man got to do!

Anyway, MMU again create another history in my life.. MMU totally black-out! Is it possible? I guess MMU might be in debt? Never pay for the electricity bill? LOL..
The only thing they wont get cut off is Telephone line and Internet services.. Haha..

I guess it's time to "pak pia" dy if i dun want fail any subject.

Gambateh and Good luck to me! ^.6

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