Monday, May 4, 2009

Anything can happen in this freaky world!

As the title suggest, anything can happen in this world..

For instance,
Nowadays, fake LV bag is sold anywhere including night market!

This is the infamous quote of my friend when we were having our dinner. Coincidently, an aunty walk passed with a LV bag and heard the conversation. She was looking straight to my friend!
LOL! Everyone of us was laughing loud! I was thinking of changing another table instead!

However, today i heard something more interesting and freaky.. This will certainly ease of my friend feeling.. hehe..

Oral Sex in Car, Van Crash
Woman Clerk Bit Off Boss's Penis

(Singapore 3rd Day)A boss and a clerk attempted sex in a car,when a car accident happened and the boss instantly lost his penis!

A rare accident has happened in Eastern Sea Park parking bays, A boss takes an interest in an office clerk, the two of them took an intercourse after business hours, unexpectedly when they are enjoying their "moments", a van attempts to reverse and leave the parking bay, but lost its control and crash into the car they are in.

In the huge impact, a huge scream is heard, and the clerk took sometime to realise and shocked that her boss's "brother" is bitten off at the spot, blood flows everywhere, she panicked and screamed.

HAHAHA!! you know what happen? Someone was having an affair. The lady was sucking on "SOMETHING" in a car when suddenly, a van CRASHED to their car.. Guess what happen next??

There's a fountain of BLOOD! The lady BITE off the guy's "Brother"..

I like what the heck?? Like this also can? Seriously anything can happen..

For more information(detailed story) :;topic=97973.0

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