Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 days to go!

8 more days to go before I'm sitting for my first paper for my Trimester 3..
Current progress is not good at all..
With interruption of my 'beloved' laptop, really takes alot of my time..
He been my reliable pal for a year long, even though he's slow but yet functionable..
However, yesterday he let me down.. Or should I say Vista let me down??

Here's the story :

After I allow Vista to be updated, a very big problem occurs..
At the end, 200Gb of data is formatted just like that..
I not sure where does those memory goes to cause when i try to backup some file, there's not much actually..
Maybe too much game which I have install but never uninstall? LOL

It tooks me approximately 24 hours to restore(but yet failed), reformat XP(but yet failed again),
and at the end, I raise the white flag and format back Vista premium..

It's not that bad actually but compared with XP, i feel there's speed downfall. Graphic is good but the system is not. Games with can function very well in Celeron processor(XP OS) is not functioning well in Core 2 Duo(Vista OS)..
Well, I know my laptop is not that good, but I'm sure it'll perform much better in XP OS..
Anyone has any idea how to format back Vista to XP?
Of course, everything need to be perfect after the format though..

There's a nice post from Jansen's post.
It's about friendship..
A hostile animal like a lion can be so friendly yet gentle to his ex-owner..
Can human do the same?

How long can friendship withstand the test of time?

This was quote from someone..
Friends make our day..
But when the day is over, do you still think of them?
Who will be there to laugh with you when you are happy??
Who will be there to lend you their shoulder to cry on when you are sad??
Friends are easy to gain but are hard to maintain..
Friend today, Enemy tomorrow..
Who can be the real friend and stand by you no matter what?
That might be something similar with trying to pluck a star from the sky..
Wish My Mum Happy Mother's Day..
Sorry for being such a bad boy all this while..
I promise I will maintain to be like this..
Cause you won't like it if I'm a good boy.. :P
Love you MUM!
(**Cause my mum wont see this, that's why i write it here**)
(** For those who checking this post, U dun like this part then DONT READ IT!**)


ah bird said...

To be precise,

"Can friendship withstand the test of time?
Can it grow sweeter with time like a bottle of wine?"

Siew5 said...

next part not important..
for me,
"Can friendship withstand the test of time?"
Friendship is not a bed of roses.. U cant expect everything going according to your way..
There are ups and down..
It wont be sweet like a wine but it'll be rock solid as time goes by.. That's what i prefer more..

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