Monday, May 18, 2009

2 down, 3 to go..

It's been very very busy day for me for the last 48 hours or so..
The worst Final I have been in my LIFE!
Three consecutive paper non-stop..
Tried my very best (considering last minute study) already..
But yet, just not good enough..

After the first paper, EEN :

Everything SEEM very farmiliar..
However, from question to question..
Problems pop up one by one..
And i said "DIU!", how come I don't know how to solve it?
TL betul! Can't do anything but to blame myself..

Say "TAK NAK to :"
FACEBOOK (when it's ur final time)
DOTA (all because of the noob Bird!)

After second paper, EPM :

What the f*ck?
SEEM EASY, FEEL EASY but RESULT wont be that cheessy
Again, BLAME myself..
For this time, it's more to LACK of practice + the "CARELESS-GOD" around me

I thought all Question I should have score more than half (hopefully it still will)..
But now, don't feel like it anymore...
This reminds me of one song,

Damn girl
Dry your eyes
You stole my heart and then you kicked it aside
No girl you can’t see
When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me

Just want to use the word "DAMN"!

Tomorrow will complete my 3 days torture in Cyberjaya..
Hopefully, no more carelessness, and most important please give easy question coz my head is gonna blow up if think too much! =.=

Note to myself:

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