Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~~Counting down~~

Wow.. Seem like alot of thing to be counted down from today onwards..

2 more days to go ~ Champion's League Final!

Dream match between two Champion of two different country!
England vs Spain
May the best team wins!
Passion for Manchester United or Passion for ECP2056?
Well.. It's soon to be decided!

4 more days toward Holidays!

After my ECP2056, it will be my longing holiday to come..
After 1 day later, it'll be my trip to Pulau Tioman!
Another 'pulau~s' in 2 months time.. XD

8~9 days later ~ Back to my HOme-SweEt-hOme!

About 2 months never back to PD already..
I wonder how much has changed again..
Time really waits for NO-ONE!

14~15 days later ~ Going to Singapore

LOL! I'm going to Singapore!
For the third time my passport to be stamped!
Hahaha.. So happy! =D

19 days later ~ Coming back to MMU to Continue my DELTA
Wow.. How time flies..
In such a short time, my holiday has ended!
My friends not even back from oversea yet.. Sigh..
But anyway, plan to go back and meet my friends..
As usual, Futsal is the reason why i would meet my friends! hahaha

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