Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 days Remaining : Funny day :P

Now is officially Thursday!
Four more days to go until Monday..
Still in a very very slow progress..
Today never went to library because sicked of the crowd..
Woke up early this morning just to register for our next semester subject..
Don't really understand why got this kind of system..
But that doesn't matter anymore coz it has become apart of MMU's student life..

Here is the reason why :~

Look at all these kind of response or should i say reaction towards online registration thingy..
Some happy that it's done.. While some is angry with the speed of the system while SOMEONE just realise that he's still barred! LOL

(**I hope U all can see the word. And sorry for those unrelated names involve, coz i lazy wanna edit**)

And another one here.. LOL..

This is an example of people who wake up late to register! XD

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