Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's so damn weird.. Isn't it?

Man.. Life is so funny..
When you are good, people tend to hate you..

As silly as it seem to be,
It's a like chef hating a footballer..
When you don't know a shit about anything,
Some one dare to open their big fat mouth..

As silly as it seem to be,
I guess someone is just a attention whore/gigolo/let say someone who are desperate(sound nicer?)
Trying their best to get something out of nothing..
To find bitterness in sweetness..

As silly as it seem to be,
It's like John Cena being champion most of the time,
People tend to hate him..
Supporting some R-rated shit, Edge to become champion..
(If you don't know who are they don't even bother to check it out)

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