Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 days to go! Add more oil so that i can burn it during midnight!

Now i only left 7 days until my first paper..
Stay in library from 12pm until 9.30pm..
Dint study much except still revising back old chapter..
Still got so much to go.. So much to do!
Dint touch any single tutorial.
What should i do?
I got no idea.. Sigh!

Anyway.. Yesterday was Wesak Day..
The moon of Lunar 15th was so round..

Just using point and shoot camera.. So the quality is not good at all..

This was taken few hours later after the pictures above..
Can see any different?
It's higher than the previous one lo.. Haha..
Wesak day on Saturday, Mother's Day on Sunday..
Even though the Moon is overshadow with the Sun most of the time, but yet, the Moon can still shine ever so bright when given the chance..

Mum is like the Moon, shine so bright in the night to guide us through the dark.

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