Thursday, May 7, 2009

Decisions and Choices

Gamma Year

Gamma year is coming to an end.. When everything is looks so hectic; with final exam is just around the corner.

18,19,20 of May : Continuously 3 subject non-stop.. This is killing me.. With just less than 2 week, I need to settle 5 subject..

Which subject should i study first? How to study? Where to study?

Everything require decisions to make a correct choice!

Everything seem to be falling apart for me.

Soon-to-be Delta Year

While everyone is busy preparing for the final, there's another problem arises.

Subject to take in the Delta year!

Mini project? Multimedia? Java? Software engineering?

As a more adventurous me, i would like to challenge myself for Mini P.

But then, i do not want my CGPA to drop any lower.

I also worried that taking mini project = making a new enemy.. Why say so? Something makes my heart feeling not that good though..

Sigh.. Even i take the subject with my friend, will there any awkward thing will happen? Will we quarrel or will we fight? I just hope the best!

All the problem, anger, sadness, bo-song-ness, all keep within the four walls. Outside the wall, I hope we will all be friend.This a quote from my friend.. Hopefully this can happen.

For future, anything that i do wrong, i do request for forgiveness..

And i'm here to apologise to my friend that if I do something wrong, say anything wrong,
~~I'm sorry~~

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