Friday, May 15, 2009

H1N1 is officially launched in Malaysia! Beware! Be very Aware!

First of all, I must congratulate "those who involve with Malaysia either administration, defense, or anything there's available" because their irresponsibleness has led to first case of H1N1.

Why would this happen if attention, awareness is the top priority for the immigration authorities?

From what i heard from my friend who is just went and came back from Singapore.

She says that in Singapore, staff in the airport or nurses or doctor (not really sure their position) are ready at the airport to check those who arrived from anywhere EVEN from Malaysia.

However, when she return back to Malaysia, there was no equipment, no staff, no nothing that is needed to check on the passengers. Well, that happen in Airasia. Maybe it's because AirAsia does not provided much flight to infected H1N1 countries?

The first case was reported as an infected passenger arrived at KLIA. I wasn't sure whether there got the service availability or not. Thus no comment will be made.

I'm seriously dumbfound when Malaysia is infection free, is not taking much precaution to avoid this, whereas, other countries are so busy with disinfection work.

Right now, I just hope for the best for the authorities to control the situation..

For my friends, please take good care of yourselves and be clean.. Be very clean! LOL

For my friends who are in US studying, please take good care of yourselves as well.. Remember clean your @$$ off before come back to Malaysia! hahaha XD

(**Above is personal opinion, open for my friends only. No ISA action should be taken on this blogger**)


ZhaoSiang said...

Didn't know you have a blog! anyway, wont be coming back malaysia this summer. so no need clean my ass. haha..

Siew5 said...

lol.. wat the heck.. summer's day also not coming back ar? save money to buy more gadget? =.=

Jg said...

the msia takes for granted that it wud not happen here. however, i m sure those 2 won't go far with their viruses, msian or asians people usually hv enuf immune of body defend like vit D due to hot sun we're receiving daily. unlike those who don't get enuf vit D or low immune system and easily expose to viral attack. take good care.

luckystrike said... goot 2nd case d....

......malaysia is always fast in this la...hehe...

Siew5 said...

i heard the second case is in Penang if not mistaken.. dint really follow up the story.. there's nothing much i can do except stay indoor more, and if someone cough infront of me, I'll go bath straight away! LOL
In cantonese, "needle not yet stick into the skin, wont feel pain".. This is for Malaysia authorities (whoever they are)

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