Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Astro B.yond PVR, Life Made Easy.. =)

It's been so long ago that I am back to my hometown, Port Dickson!
The first thing I wanted to do is just lay down on the couch and watch Astro..
When away from home, there is only two things I miss the most..
My mum's cooking and of course Astro B.yond PVR!

Ever since I got my hand on the new Astro B.yond PVR, it is my life changing experience.
Everything has became so simple and yet, highly efficiency!
All I want is in my control..
With just click of the button, everything can be change and manipulated..

To my surprised, even my mum get a hang with it.
When I check on the Planner, I get a whole list of Taiwan drama!

** Can you see that even when you access your Planner, you will still be able to watch your current show on the small box!**

Astro has really put a lot of effort in all these small details to make sure the customers enjoy every single one of the services..

See? Still got 275 hours of recording from this 500Gb hard-disk recorder!
I got like almost 2 weeks of entertainment if I used up all 500Gb memory!

By the way, do you realise there is something weird with the program's time?
On the 19 March, the recorder recorded at 10.03am rather than normal timing, 7.03pm.
This is because on 18 March, the decorder couldn't able to record the TV program because the decorder is not switch on.
So, the decorder recognizes this and recorded the repeat of the show the next day which is at 10.03am on 19 March!
Smart gadget indeed?

You know what my mum taught me about?
She told me that you can actually download the whole series by just clicking the the 'R' button twice on the program you wanted!
This will trigger the Astro decorder to record the whole TV series than just recording episode by episode everyday!
I am shocked that my mum learnt how to use this thing in just a short time.

Now who say you can't teach old dog, new trick?
This definitely NOT applicable to my mum! =)

Happy Mother's Day, Mum..
Enjoy the Astro B.yond PVR OK? =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Record, Renowned!

Astro B.yond PVR is renowned for its capability to Pause, Play, and of course Record!
This little black box recording technique is user friendly and it's so simple.

Do you ever experience the moment when you are so into a movie or a drama, and someone changed the channel even just for one second?I always have been in that situation..
I mean, I am always the one who change the channel whenever other is watching! xD
Yeah, I know it's rude to do so but I am just so eager to check all other channel for interesting show to watch.

Now with Astro B.yond PVR, I can behave well while others are watching the show..
All I need to do is press the 'INFO' button and let's wait for magic! =)
Instead of clicking the 'GUIDE' button with old Astro decoder, now we can use the 'INFO' button to check all the show for the whole day!
We still can watch the TV while clicking on the 'INFO' button.
It's like killing two birds with one stone!

While I am watching AXN HD, (YES! AXN with HD babe! =D)
I can search for Champions League game which is on tomorrow morning! (YES! Tomorrow morning! =DD)

First of all, I will scroll the INFO bar to ESPN HD.
Then, I will start scrolling down to find the Manchester United game later on.

With a click on a button...
Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

Can you see that there's a red 'R' icon at the INFO bar?
This shows that, you can have a good night sleep without worrying you will miss out Manchester United game!
All you need to do is leave your Decoder on and 'Pooffff'!
The game will be recorded into your hard-disk already!

Now I can enjoy my game anytime I want to! Astro B.yond PVR rockS!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Life? Make a Difference with Astro B.yond PVR!

Lately I have been so stressful because of my Final Year Project..
This project determines if I can graduate within this few months and start a new chapter in my life..
My study life will become my past and start with my working life..
Not something I looking forward to, though..

I still prefer my carefree life.. Less responsibilities with small power..
(adapted from Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities) xD

Thanks to Astro B.yond PVR...
Life is made so EASY....

I can never stop loving these small little button..

Literally, I am having the remote control in the movie "Click".

To be honest, I think this remote control is better than the one in the movie..
WHAT?! WHY? WTF??!@ R u shocked that I say so?

Remember how Newman's remote control really works?
The most memorable moment is he fast forwarded his make out session with his wife..
And then, everything went wrong..
Everytime he's doing it, the whole process fast forwarded again..
He is missing all those moment all over..
Think again of owning the remote control huh?

However, with Astro B.yond PVR, you can do so much more!
You can record all your favourite show, either movie or tv series..
Your exciting football match, NBA match, live telecast of Grammies, Pageant contest.
Smooth, playing videos right infront of you..
With no streaming time, laggy and low quality video. You know what I am talking about right? ;P

All you need to do is just hit the pause button when you are going for breakfast, lunch or dinner..
Running your errants, doing the house chores or even making babies session.. xD

With another push of a button, everything is going on again..

If you are watching on your Panasonic plasma TV, these are 'Ideas For Life'.. Good Life, I meant..

If you are watching on your Sony plasma TV, Astro B.yond PVR will 'Make Believe', that high definition video is no more a fantasy.

If you are watching on your Samsung plasma TV, never ever ask 'Next is What' question because you are in control of what you want!

The one I love the most, if you are watching on your LG plasma TV, worry no more because 'Life's GOOD'!

Anytime you like it, just dick it..
I mean just CLICK it.. =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nikon 10th Year Anniversary!

Yes! Nikon is 10 years old ever since they have reached Malaysia!

It's been a decade that Nikon has served us with high quality products
( sorry guys, I am a pure Nikon fans! =D )

This is a great opportunity for those who interested with serious photography.
You shouldn't have miss out this great event either you are a beginner, semi-pro and professional.
Because here is where all of us gather and enjoy this great event.

There are few competition going on throughout the 4 days period.
Either you can join creativity contest, which is to sign 'Nikon' in a most creative way, and as well as Models Photo Shoot contest.
Brand new Coolpix S3100 and Coolpix P7000 are to be won!

Other than that, Nikon has invited professional photographer to give us a tip or two in photography!
Those who will be there are:

Cede Prudente - Wildlife Photography
mizzstudio - Lifestyle Photography
Stefen Chow - Industrial and Adventure Photography
Khaled Hasan - Documentary Photography
Ahmad Zamroni - Photojournalism
Teh Ban Hup - Make full use of every light for great photo!
Jim Liaw - Wedding Photography
Deanna Ng - Street Photography
Khalid Redza - Sports Photography

These talks will definitely make you to stick around the exhibition hall whole day long! xD
These are photo taken by the speakers..

Other than that, there is an exhibition on Nikon's camera from past until present.
You will get to see from film cameras to digital cameras, right up to DSLR cameras.

Ever wonder what is inside the expensive DSLR cameras?
Here are some sneak peek!

Oh! And not to forget.
Nikon is having big sale going on in the exhibition!
They are giving a lot of freebies with GREAT PRICE!
I am so tempted to upgrade my own gear!
But still, budget constraint! =(


Last but not least!
Free sensor cleaning for all Nikon user!
Remember bring your DSLR together for a cleaning process..
One more day to go and you must not missed it! =)