Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nikon 10th Year Anniversary!

Yes! Nikon is 10 years old ever since they have reached Malaysia!

It's been a decade that Nikon has served us with high quality products
( sorry guys, I am a pure Nikon fans! =D )

This is a great opportunity for those who interested with serious photography.
You shouldn't have miss out this great event either you are a beginner, semi-pro and professional.
Because here is where all of us gather and enjoy this great event.

There are few competition going on throughout the 4 days period.
Either you can join creativity contest, which is to sign 'Nikon' in a most creative way, and as well as Models Photo Shoot contest.
Brand new Coolpix S3100 and Coolpix P7000 are to be won!

Other than that, Nikon has invited professional photographer to give us a tip or two in photography!
Those who will be there are:

Cede Prudente - Wildlife Photography
mizzstudio - Lifestyle Photography
Stefen Chow - Industrial and Adventure Photography
Khaled Hasan - Documentary Photography
Ahmad Zamroni - Photojournalism
Teh Ban Hup - Make full use of every light for great photo!
Jim Liaw - Wedding Photography
Deanna Ng - Street Photography
Khalid Redza - Sports Photography

These talks will definitely make you to stick around the exhibition hall whole day long! xD
These are photo taken by the speakers..

Other than that, there is an exhibition on Nikon's camera from past until present.
You will get to see from film cameras to digital cameras, right up to DSLR cameras.

Ever wonder what is inside the expensive DSLR cameras?
Here are some sneak peek!

Oh! And not to forget.
Nikon is having big sale going on in the exhibition!
They are giving a lot of freebies with GREAT PRICE!
I am so tempted to upgrade my own gear!
But still, budget constraint! =(


Last but not least!
Free sensor cleaning for all Nikon user!
Remember bring your DSLR together for a cleaning process..
One more day to go and you must not missed it! =)


♥snoopy♥ said...

hi, when & where is this?

Siew5 said...

Hi snoopy!
This event at Mid Valley, KL
Tomorrow, 3/4/2011 will be the last day..
DOn't miss out! =)

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