Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you for being there! =)

This is a special post i dedicate to my friends!
The trouble i give to you all, i really very embarrassed about it..

No choice but you all have to follow what I want lo..
Coz you all are my friends.. And I hope we can spend good times together..
But of course, when the bad times come, I hope we can stick together too!
Like all the bad things that had happen so far..
Things get stolen, get a flat tyre in the middle of highland..
We are still together as a whole..

Now to tell you all a SECRET!
The flat tyre is thanks to my good work!
It's flat because i pump it in the first place.. =.=
XH, now everyone will hate me now.. T_T

Actually, I think we are really lucky..
Get to camwhore in the middle of the night, at middle of a highland..
Get to meet a group of young people that willing to help strangers.. (yeah.. we are old!)
Yin's biscuit get some recognization.. Someone actually says it tastes good! WOW!!!
Some people are one thousand richer.. =)
We can wait for free meal! xD

But I also gotta say sorry for those who are so tired..
Going to have exam soon..
Assignment due soon..
But yet, they still joining along.. I'm really grateful!
Sorry for all the trouble caused..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spycam, is it everywhere right now?

It's not the CCTV that the government set up for speed trap or what-so-ever..
It's the spy cam to SPY on you all..

Of course, YOU ALL is refering to women.
There's a news that some pervert guy is fixing spycam inside a toilet..

A cleaner found out this on the toilet wall..

Then only the cleaner found out that there's a spycam hidden behind the socket.
The webcam is just the size of a normal SD card..

It says that the spycam only cost around RM200++
So it can be bought easily by anyone..

For precaution, try the search around the toilet to see if got any weird object around..
Tell your friends about this..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Valentine Success!

February is just nice..
Maybe this is the start of something new?
New year is coming..
Of course I hope that more luck will be coming to me..

This is the first thing I won this year..
I'm invited to Valentine's Day movie premier..

It's a star-studded movie!!
Don't think it'll be a poor movie I guess..
Of course, I hope this movie wouldn't ruin my valentine's day.. =)

Can't wait for this movie!
Next Tuesday will be going for its' premier! =)

This is the winning post! Read if you like.. =)