Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spycam, is it everywhere right now?

It's not the CCTV that the government set up for speed trap or what-so-ever..
It's the spy cam to SPY on you all..

Of course, YOU ALL is refering to women.
There's a news that some pervert guy is fixing spycam inside a toilet..

A cleaner found out this on the toilet wall..

Then only the cleaner found out that there's a spycam hidden behind the socket.
The webcam is just the size of a normal SD card..

It says that the spycam only cost around RM200++
So it can be bought easily by anyone..

For precaution, try the search around the toilet to see if got any weird object around..
Tell your friends about this..


kenwooi said...

hmm.. must be peeping tom's intentions.. =P

Miz~Paranoia said...

where is this found?? scarry...

Siew5 said...

inside toilet loo.. hahaha..
i think it's from Ipoh.. I also not sure about the detail lo.. coz it's from Chinese newspaper ar..
try to search for the news but can't get..
better becareful when you go toilet lo..
Don want see you come out in the internet in the future.. xD

Miz~Paranoia said...

lols... yes yes.. i won want ta..

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