Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you for being there! =)

This is a special post i dedicate to my friends!
The trouble i give to you all, i really very embarrassed about it..

No choice but you all have to follow what I want lo..
Coz you all are my friends.. And I hope we can spend good times together..
But of course, when the bad times come, I hope we can stick together too!
Like all the bad things that had happen so far..
Things get stolen, get a flat tyre in the middle of highland..
We are still together as a whole..

Now to tell you all a SECRET!
The flat tyre is thanks to my good work!
It's flat because i pump it in the first place.. =.=
XH, now everyone will hate me now.. T_T

Actually, I think we are really lucky..
Get to camwhore in the middle of the night, at middle of a highland..
Get to meet a group of young people that willing to help strangers.. (yeah.. we are old!)
Yin's biscuit get some recognization.. Someone actually says it tastes good! WOW!!!
Some people are one thousand richer.. =)
We can wait for free meal! xD

But I also gotta say sorry for those who are so tired..
Going to have exam soon..
Assignment due soon..
But yet, they still joining along.. I'm really grateful!
Sorry for all the trouble caused..


Crystal said...

I want click LIKE!!
Friends forever!!
dont forget me after i graduated ha.. >.<

Siew5 said...

aiyo.. crystal jie jie..
how to forget you?? you figure take almost 80% of my memory dy lo.. hahahha..

Jansen said...

i oso mau click like if got tat function...

tat's wat friends are for...we stick together in bad times or good matter what happen..unity comes first...xD

crystal, we won't forget u de la....waiting for ur "hao re zi" nia...heheehe

Siew5 said...

good time or bad time, as long as we together, i think it should be happy time la.. haha..
yeah lo.. i'm looking forward for 2016..
Crystal getting married!! yahhooo!!

luckystrike said...

Yeah...nice post, Fai gor...*LIKE*...

nicholexh said...



nicholexh said...

hahaha!! i saw katak! xD

Siew5 said...

katak being the photographer ma.. so of course i gotta add him in! =)

bemusedyin said...

LOL at the 1st pic..

actually the biscuit is bought. that is why it tasted so nice. shh dun tell ppl.. =x

PeiChin said...


Another OH NO!!! again.. but this time is not because of the tyre puncture, it's because of touching..^^

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