Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Valentine Success!

February is just nice..
Maybe this is the start of something new?
New year is coming..
Of course I hope that more luck will be coming to me..

This is the first thing I won this year..
I'm invited to Valentine's Day movie premier..

It's a star-studded movie!!
Don't think it'll be a poor movie I guess..
Of course, I hope this movie wouldn't ruin my valentine's day.. =)

Can't wait for this movie!
Next Tuesday will be going for its' premier! =)

This is the winning post! Read if you like.. =)


ah bird said...

Don't get your hopes too high, might be just a mimick of Love Actually and He's just not that into you...
but then you get to watch for free, no harm then...

ericlai2020 said...

oh fast??no chance to participate too late liao lor...

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

hahaha...sure nice de la...dont worry...
celebrate ur early valentine's day there^^

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