Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MMU big news!

What do you know..
Lecturer from MMU Cyberjaya get arrested for bribe/corruption..

The senior lecturer with Dr. prefix accept RM800 to give good grade to the student..
According to rumour, the Dr. was asking for SEX in addition to RM800..

Some desperate old man indeed! haha..
But at least, MMU appear on newspaper right now!

For more information, visit:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Monday!!! Again??!! =.=

So fast Monday already?
Did I get any rest during the weekend?
Start of another hectic week again~ Week # already!

Pressure pilling up..
Work load approaching critical level..
Rest reducing to approximately 0.000000081794%

Oh man.. How suck can it be?
Assignments, revision, tutorial..
Lab stuff...
This is choking me..

If only i'm still the innocent looking in the year Beta..
Maybe I can enjoy like in Beta House..
Party, Drinking, Smoking..

It will be esctasy!

Back to reality..
It's just fantasy..
Hope it wont get messy..
Coz I'm no pussy.. XXXX

Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 2

So week two is finally coming to an end..
How time flies...
In a blink of an eye, it's Saturday again...

Another Birthday party comes, and goes..
Another lady has joined in 21st year old club..

Week 2 is a very stressful week for me...
Monday have lab, Thursday have another lab..
Have to rush for Monday lab report that need to be passed up on Friday..
Finish off Law assignment..
Prepare for Thursday lab..
Attending classes..
Sound nothing much but when everything add up together, it gives a hell of a week..

Week 3 :~

Start revising lectures..
Research for Mini P stuff..
Get ready for Law assignment again..

Looks like the play time is over..


Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Kim..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 June 2009 ~ Can life be anymore F*ed up than this?

There's aint anything good going on around me..
Problem arise like mushroom after the rain..
Popped-up one by one, here and there..

Wanna holiday, ended up study early..
Found housemate, ended up no housemate..
Wanna watch Transformer, ended up with F-ing lab..
Wanna get some pocket money, might ended up getting enemy...

Man.. I'm so F*ed up..
There seem so much going on around me..
So much things to do.. So much things gotta do..

Delta second week, giving me 40% of stress, 60% of hell...

Will there be rainbow after the rain? Or a thunderstorm is followed?

Only time will tell..

Hope it is not Katrina that kissed me away...

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going!

You will never bring me down! I'll never back down!

I'll stay firm and walk through the storm!

Bring it on!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

22 June 2009

My life for today starts at 11am..
Yesterday have a flu medicine and have been sleeping like a baby(not pig)..

Woke up at 11am, and realise the pig has moved out..
WTF! Move his F*ing rubbish from my home already and I dont get any compensation!
He's a big size shit but gutless like a cockroaches..
Call that fat ass but dont even dare to pick up..
Pity his mother deeply cause got a irresponsible son like him, gutless shit!

Don't give a damn about him anymore.. He'll get what he deserve!
What goes around, Comes around.. Please remember that..
Something like the 18 stories of Hell.. LOL

Let's move on from that M.F.S.o.a.B

Class start at 1pm..
Continue with MiniP lab from 2pm-5pm..
Finished early and left but quite regret doing so right now...
Went to FCM for teatime + lunch -> Library -> FCM again... LOL
6pm-9pm is LAW time.. Wow... Still ok la the class.. not really sleepy..

Washed clothes, Spam FB, Spam more in FB and now blog..

Right now i want "STUDY" lo... Theb sleepzzzzzz

Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally.. The End of Gamma year, The Beginning of Delta year.

After a week of hard work, hopefully everything will go the way I wanted..

Seriously, it's a very tough week for me..

Had been study so desperately, with the stress of failure again will lead to extention..

That's definitely a good wake up call..

We should treat every exam as supp. blockquote>

I must agree on that..
If we put the spirit to study for normal exam, i guess getting four is not a problem at all..

But then, everyone got lazy bug on them..
Depend how well the owner control them..

Friday night was kitchen cleaning time..
Now my kitchen is so clean that even the stove got my own reflection on it! XD

Another problem has arose when I was going to sit for my supp paper..
My new housemate will be moving out after staying less than 1 month..
Or should i say just stay for 1 week..

I was like "WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!"
Giving me problem in the moment I'm goin to sit for my paper?

He wanna move out doesnt bug me at all..
The only problem is finding replacement!
ALready start study for 1 week, everyone also got their shelter!


A fantastic start for Delta year!
Spending almost 24hours in Banting!
Thanks to Miss Pei Chin for the kind hospitality..

Have to provide us food, drinks, and sleeping place..
You are a very good host leh!
Next time should do something like that again..
Since your house are small enough for 15 of us.. hahaha!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday ~ 06/06/09

Hello my fellow friends.. few days never blog already..
Anyone missed me?

I don't think so la..
Since my post is so long most of the time..
Someone like Kim will only scroll through..
Am I right? ^_^

Yesterday was Saturday, 06/06/09
Anyone see something within it?
IF translate everything to numeric, it'll be


Haha.. Nothing much actually..
It's just catches my attention cause of Saturday = 6
And the date = 6, month = 6
At the end, 666

So anyone get any bad luck?

Yesterday suppose to be a wonderful Saturday for a PD-oucast like me..
Been almost two month never come back to my hometown already..
The internet cafe infront my house also open already..

Really missed the time playing futsal with my friend..
It's the only thing that I will think of whenever I come back to PD..

Though my house will finally get Streamyx but then I guess something is wrong with the port..
The ADSL line is blinking all the way..
All i can do is to wait until next Tuesdat for them to come fix it..
But tomorrow, Monday, I'll call TM again just to confirm they'll be here within there 2 days.

Thursday I'll be going to Singapore already..
So I have to fix it for my sis before I'm away..

Hopefully Tuesday i can play game, blog, FB with streamyx instead of DIALUP!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

03/06/09 - Back From Tioman Island!

Wow.. 3 days 2 night trip has ended just like that..
It's seem so fast..
Going there late Midnight,
Coming back early morning..

Been snorkeling alot!
Not the best scenery but still saw some pretty fishy..
Some even said heart-shape coral too..
But that only seen by a "snorkeling couple" XD

Cam-whored alot..
But I don't think i'm gonna Upload all though..
Just wait for my friend to upload and TAG me.. haha..
So remember UPLOAD picture WITH ME ALONG lo..

More update on Tioman Trip soon!