Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday ~ 06/06/09

Hello my fellow friends.. few days never blog already..
Anyone missed me?

I don't think so la..
Since my post is so long most of the time..
Someone like Kim will only scroll through..
Am I right? ^_^

Yesterday was Saturday, 06/06/09
Anyone see something within it?
IF translate everything to numeric, it'll be


Haha.. Nothing much actually..
It's just catches my attention cause of Saturday = 6
And the date = 6, month = 6
At the end, 666

So anyone get any bad luck?

Yesterday suppose to be a wonderful Saturday for a PD-oucast like me..
Been almost two month never come back to my hometown already..
The internet cafe infront my house also open already..

Really missed the time playing futsal with my friend..
It's the only thing that I will think of whenever I come back to PD..

Though my house will finally get Streamyx but then I guess something is wrong with the port..
The ADSL line is blinking all the way..
All i can do is to wait until next Tuesdat for them to come fix it..
But tomorrow, Monday, I'll call TM again just to confirm they'll be here within there 2 days.

Thursday I'll be going to Singapore already..
So I have to fix it for my sis before I'm away..

Hopefully Tuesday i can play game, blog, FB with streamyx instead of DIALUP!

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