Monday, June 22, 2009

22 June 2009

My life for today starts at 11am..
Yesterday have a flu medicine and have been sleeping like a baby(not pig)..

Woke up at 11am, and realise the pig has moved out..
WTF! Move his F*ing rubbish from my home already and I dont get any compensation!
He's a big size shit but gutless like a cockroaches..
Call that fat ass but dont even dare to pick up..
Pity his mother deeply cause got a irresponsible son like him, gutless shit!

Don't give a damn about him anymore.. He'll get what he deserve!
What goes around, Comes around.. Please remember that..
Something like the 18 stories of Hell.. LOL

Let's move on from that M.F.S.o.a.B

Class start at 1pm..
Continue with MiniP lab from 2pm-5pm..
Finished early and left but quite regret doing so right now...
Went to FCM for teatime + lunch -> Library -> FCM again... LOL
6pm-9pm is LAW time.. Wow... Still ok la the class.. not really sleepy..

Washed clothes, Spam FB, Spam more in FB and now blog..

Right now i want "STUDY" lo... Theb sleepzzzzzz

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