Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally.. The End of Gamma year, The Beginning of Delta year.

After a week of hard work, hopefully everything will go the way I wanted..

Seriously, it's a very tough week for me..

Had been study so desperately, with the stress of failure again will lead to extention..

That's definitely a good wake up call..

We should treat every exam as supp. blockquote>

I must agree on that..
If we put the spirit to study for normal exam, i guess getting four is not a problem at all..

But then, everyone got lazy bug on them..
Depend how well the owner control them..

Friday night was kitchen cleaning time..
Now my kitchen is so clean that even the stove got my own reflection on it! XD

Another problem has arose when I was going to sit for my supp paper..
My new housemate will be moving out after staying less than 1 month..
Or should i say just stay for 1 week..

I was like "WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!"
Giving me problem in the moment I'm goin to sit for my paper?

He wanna move out doesnt bug me at all..
The only problem is finding replacement!
ALready start study for 1 week, everyone also got their shelter!


A fantastic start for Delta year!
Spending almost 24hours in Banting!
Thanks to Miss Pei Chin for the kind hospitality..

Have to provide us food, drinks, and sleeping place..
You are a very good host leh!
Next time should do something like that again..
Since your house are small enough for 15 of us.. hahaha!

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