Saturday, November 28, 2009

Under the weather...

I'm not sick or something!
I'm just under the weather..
Get it?

Trap between hot and cold..
So damn hot in the afternoon..
The next thing..
It's raining heavily in the evening...
It comes with thunder as well..
All happen within few hours..

How can it even possibly be like this?
Hot sun follow by cold rain..
If this weather continue to be like this,
I'm sure I'm going to be sick soon!

Pretty soon, iceberg going to float pass Malaysia too!
Just like what happened in New Zealand right now..
But my friend told me that Indonesia and Australia is protecting us..
So the iceberg can't float anywhere near Malaysia..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

EEN exam? What is that? Futsal comes first!

What a day..
Stay in library for whole day to study for my Midterm exam..
Put more effort compare to my previous paper..
I guess i seriously gotta stay more in library..
Or else, nothing will go into this small brain... >.<
People with small brain like me gotta work 200% more than other people lo..

Regarding the exam..
Too tired? I also not sure..
Clearly there is 5 DIGIT over there..
With my small eyes, I only see 4..
There goes 8 marks in total..
Blew the whole part away..
Really gotta rest more to study..
But how to rest if I cant always finish study??
Dilemma indeed...

After Exam:
Went for my friend maze..
Yes, It's a maze!
Made in a badminton complex.. With newspaper!
Not bad..
At least keep me trapped inside for 30minute..
Even need people to show me the way out..
The most blur,Yin Funk, also successfully comes out.. =.=

It would be the best game ever is 5 on 5..
Too bad.. Always problemo will arise..
No choice.. When you cant deal with it, then just go with it..
Playing 6-5.. Advantage is always with the team with extra man..
But it still a good game! /GG
My toe injury has gotten worse..
Should rest for the rest of the semester I guess..
Or need some massage to do..

Next stop:
EEN assignment...
No idea how to start...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Tribute to Chan Hung Lit (陳鴻烈) ~May His Soul Rest In Peace~

I'm shocked when my friend said someone from the drama, Off Pedder has passed away due to heart-attack..
The drama has been shown weekdays, 9pm-9.30pm..
The person who passed away earlier is Chan Hung Lit (陳鴻烈)
He's a golden actor of TVB..
Passed away at the age of 66..

For those who doesn't know him..
Maybe this picture will give you an idea..

May his soul rest in peace.. Condolences...

Need anger management? Think again...

Anyone needs anger management??
Are you someone who always angry at something?? or Everything??
Do you release all your anger without any boundaries??
Well, that might just elongate your life span..

According to the Stress Research Institute of Stockholm University, men who bottle up their anger at being unfairly treated at work are up to five times more likely to suffer a heart attack, or even die from one, than those who let their frustration show.

I guess this happen to men only..
Men's hormones are killer..

But of course, don't just vent your anger towards other innocent people..
Maybe have a very very long sleep would help out alot.. xD

Just get the article from here..
If you are interested to know more, read from here, okie? =)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Latest Trend / Fashion.. The Bird Style

I almost forgot about this picture..But then, the trend setter decided to send this picture to me..
No choice but to blog about this guy..

Let me have a brief introduction about him..
He's the so-called "BirdMan"..
He claimed that he's the saviour of mankind..
However, he's as thin as a stick..
In BM, "Orang Lidi"..
Claimed that he's 170cm..
But I'm as 170cm in height, don't think he reach that value..
Would STARVE just to buy branded stuff..
This is the trendiest thing to do..
Go night market WITHOUT sandals or anything on his foot..
Yes, He's the weird one..

This is then ugly way of dressing..
Please don't try this at home!
Unless you want to become a freak!

Upcoming trend :
No sock..
Fold your jean way up..
And the owner MUST BE short..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Holiday Season!

It's going to be December already!
Jingle bell, Jingle bell!
It's not that i'm celebrating that festival..

But I'm just loving Christmas!
Soon will be New Year!
Yeah.. Then I'll be another year older..
But not that wiser.. =.=

Just love the shopping season..
However, currently I'm broke..
Broke as in no more extra money to spend for things I like..
But still afford to eat thing I like..
Wont tie up my stomach - eat bread, eat more bread, eat more more bread everyday..

If only during Christmas, Santa would grant me SOME wish..
I'm not greedy.. I'm not..
So I'm not requesting for a villa for myself..
A Ferrari for myself..
I'm just hoping for extra stuff for my hobby..
That's all.. Not greedy at all right?

Before that, now gotta stop day dreaming and start the engine..
Week 5 ahead..
Exam and Assignment..
Soon, it'll be Final!
As well as Boxing Day..
More EPL! xD

So still.. I'm looking forward for December..
End of December; to be specific..
Singapore trip ahead!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Are you lucky enough to be lucky?

Some people are just born lucky??
Just like people are born with silver spoon in their mouth..
Is it unfair?
Nope, I dont think so..
Maybe that is what they get for doing alot of good things during previous life..
I believe in karma..
What goes around, comes around..

This is my lucky friend, YK..
He has been winning alot of competition from Nuffnang..
Latest one, he just won ticket for EPL Master Cup from One FM
He just won movie ticket for 'Christmas Carol' from Nuffnang

One lucky guy indeed..
Previously, he won ticket for Terminator..
But due to Nuffnang mistake, he couldn't claim for it..
However, he directly get free ticket for TRANSFORMER premier!

I'm not been that lucky in my entire life..
Even the best thing I won is one poster
(supposing I won an album, but turn out, just giving me poster instead)
That should be my proudest monent??

I guess I should just step on the ground..
Work hard for what I wanted..
I don't believe that i can struck the lucky draw or lottery..
I just don't have the luck for it..

Hopefully, one day..
Mr. Choi will enter my dream and give me lucky number..

I'm must be dreaming already right now..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Different Occupation with Different Attitude?

Here's a small discussion about Occupation..
Think about what you have been writing for your essay when you are in primary?
Of course I'm not talking about "My Ambition", those kind of things..

Something has been captured my attention lately..
It's more related to occupation stuff..

For example,

Lecturer / Teachers should be a noble job right?
In the old days, they 'bertungkus-lumus' trying to give us knowledge..
We really owe all our teachers..
BUT! In present, lecturers are for the sake of doing their responsibilities..
All they are doing are talk talk talk..
Doesn't really matter if you KNOW OR NOT KNOW..
They ASSUME you know just everything..
If I'm Master in SOMETHING, Maybe I can solve some old's man equation like in 5 min?
However, I can't let one rotten egg causes me to throw away whole basket right?
I believe that in 'A BASKET OF ROTTEN EGGs', I can find the golden egg..

Some lecturer(minority) got such an aura that can capture everyone's attention..
MMU DO have some.. BUT MINORITY..

Securities :
Securities is the best job in the world?
I'm not condeming or anything..
People are doing their job for their living..
However, some securities look worse than gangster/mobster..

Maybe they thought they gotta have the look in order to scare the living hell out of you?
But come on, you are just SECURITIES..
Even POLICES are taking BRIBE right? (Minority?)
So, stop being like you are so F dedicated to your job..

The securities in Library..
They are so dedicated with their work..
I must respect their dedication..
They will SCOLD local student with BM(Bahasa Melayu/Malay Language) when you are making mistake..
When they facing the BIG foreign student, they just close one eyes..
What a dedication indeed!

The securities AROUND the campus..
This is just based on WHAT I saw today.. Real life scenario =.=
A tough looking SECURITIES seem like taking a patrol..
When he saw some illegal ads paste on the pillar, wall, or any unauthorized notice,
So what happen after he tear it down?
Simple, throw into rubbish bin.. From about 10meter away??
What happen if he MISSES?
Of course, like any typical Malaysian.. Just let it be..
Lying on the floor ; waiting for tomorrow's janitor..
The tough securities living a trail of DESTRUCTION.. How sad..
He is just leaving the notice all around the walkway..
Some dedication INDEED!

S for Securities BUT S for SNOB as well..
Securities is the best job ever!
They walk with head held high..
Wearing white uniform..
Black stick within reach..
Black shinning boots..

So when children dream of being a SECURITY GUARD,
I wont be surprised..
It's a job for MAN and WOMAN..
Tall or Short..
Knowledgable or Non-Knowledgable..

Just some random post..
No offence to Lecturers and Securities..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McDonald's Ugly Truth?

What do we have here??
I heard of this video but din't really seen it until someone post it in Facebook
And I actually watched it..

The video seem real though..
Don't think there is any manipulation of it..
But the video was from long long time ago..
It traced back to 2007..

Do McDonald's food really last that long?
Who knows?
If it really does, I guess McDonald should be shutted down long time ago?
Maybe I should carry out an experiment myself..

(But the tasty Chicken McDeluxe and the magnificient french fries - I couldn't waste it just like that!.. xD)
(Mayb I should try with the super-extraterrestial-articial-intelligently-created- McD Fried Chicken..)
(I bet that last for CENTURIES! yes.. centurIES! Plural form)

Check the video yourselves~

Have a nice day enjoying 12-3pm cheap deal from McD.. =D

Monday, November 16, 2009

Midterms and Assignment

Midterm is just around the corner..
As midterm is getting nearer, so does final exam..

These two weeks gonna be hectic weeks again..
Two midterms and one assignment..

Looking forward for sem break already..
SIngapore is within plan..
Hopefully Christmas and New Year decor will be available..

Raining day every day..
Cold cold day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Delta : Second Semester

It's looks like a honeymoon sem..
Never been into anything for the last few weeks..
We have been actively involve in sports..
Playing futsal for the first time since we come to Cyberjaya!!!
And so, we have been playing futsal for every week..
Other than that, badminton was my second sports..

In a blink of an eye, it's no in week 3..
Next week I'll be having my midterm exam..
30th Nov will have to submit assignment..
Wow.. It starts to pick up some speed..
Everything is stacking up right now..

And soon, we will be heading towards our semester break..

And Bangkok plan is still in consideration??
Left on 2 more days to book for the air ticket..

Now, Everyone IS flying..

Saturday, November 7, 2009


What the hell is BunkFace??
At first I got no idea who or what it is when my friends were discussing about it..
Then, slowly I got some clue because their song is on air in the radio..
(So they are a band)

Check out this song and if you are a Malaysian, You might heard of this song..

Check out this commercial too.. I thought it is quite cute.. xD

Suddenly, I thought of "wiki" up this band..
And so, this is what I found..

At first, I guess there is a post about Bunkface..
But due to the INSIGNIFICANCE of the subject, it has been deleted...

I guess Malaysia artist gotta BE significant for them to be in Wikipedia...
Just see whether this group can make it to the top..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Been So Long...

Havent been blogging for so many days...
I guess don't have much to talk about lately..

May focus for the new sem is PTPTN Loan will be converted to scholarship if :
Applicant graduate with 1st class honour..
It might be for IPTA only and not IPTS(MMU)
I can no longer pull my result back to 3.67..

If only the budget is out one year earlier..
I'm sure I'll study much harder!

But 'God always like to play with people'
So nothing i can do about it but to study harder..
Hopefully, 2nd upper can get some scrap from the budget plan la...

Now, I got a new toy to play with..
Not something GRAND!
But I'm so much satisfied with it..
Especially I do survey, buy it and play with it all by myself..
Talk about PASSION!
But don't talk about money la.. Wallet bleeding love..
Must remind myself to be satisfied..
Cannot buy anymore things as big season is around the corner..
Gotta start prepare for it already..
I wonder when should I start.. OR when i FINALLY want to start..

It's been rainy day these few weeks..
However, when I'm staying home, it's not raining..
I wonder if it's a joke or something..

Looking forward for two competition ahead..
Pray to GOD that I can get some consolation price la.. xD

If only I win RM5000..