Saturday, November 28, 2009

Under the weather...

I'm not sick or something!
I'm just under the weather..
Get it?

Trap between hot and cold..
So damn hot in the afternoon..
The next thing..
It's raining heavily in the evening...
It comes with thunder as well..
All happen within few hours..

How can it even possibly be like this?
Hot sun follow by cold rain..
If this weather continue to be like this,
I'm sure I'm going to be sick soon!

Pretty soon, iceberg going to float pass Malaysia too!
Just like what happened in New Zealand right now..
But my friend told me that Indonesia and Australia is protecting us..
So the iceberg can't float anywhere near Malaysia..


Joyce C. said...

The Met department actually said that there was going to be a snowstorm on the 20th this month.

But then, they apologized and said it was a false alarm... XD Apparently, it's just that that was the day the temperature in Malaysia is lowest or something.

Anyway, have a nice cup of hot choc or malt and just savour the day because it isn't burning like an oven! Cheer up. :D

Siew5 said...

that's someth new.. never heard of the snowstorm part though.
It's almost as hot as an oven by day though..
Been sweating whole afternoon and finally stop when it rain by evening.. LOL...
Thanks for the visit.. =)

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