Saturday, November 7, 2009


What the hell is BunkFace??
At first I got no idea who or what it is when my friends were discussing about it..
Then, slowly I got some clue because their song is on air in the radio..
(So they are a band)

Check out this song and if you are a Malaysian, You might heard of this song..

Check out this commercial too.. I thought it is quite cute.. xD

Suddenly, I thought of "wiki" up this band..
And so, this is what I found..

At first, I guess there is a post about Bunkface..
But due to the INSIGNIFICANCE of the subject, it has been deleted...

I guess Malaysia artist gotta BE significant for them to be in Wikipedia...
Just see whether this group can make it to the top..

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Yuu said...

Pffttt... Screw Wikipedia...


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