Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McDonald's Ugly Truth?

What do we have here??
I heard of this video but din't really seen it until someone post it in Facebook
And I actually watched it..

The video seem real though..
Don't think there is any manipulation of it..
But the video was from long long time ago..
It traced back to 2007..

Do McDonald's food really last that long?
Who knows?
If it really does, I guess McDonald should be shutted down long time ago?
Maybe I should carry out an experiment myself..

(But the tasty Chicken McDeluxe and the magnificient french fries - I couldn't waste it just like that!.. xD)
(Mayb I should try with the super-extraterrestial-articial-intelligently-created- McD Fried Chicken..)
(I bet that last for CENTURIES! yes.. centurIES! Plural form)

Check the video yourselves~

Have a nice day enjoying 12-3pm cheap deal from McD.. =D

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Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

Haha too bad the fried are too damn delicious!

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