Thursday, November 19, 2009

Different Occupation with Different Attitude?

Here's a small discussion about Occupation..
Think about what you have been writing for your essay when you are in primary?
Of course I'm not talking about "My Ambition", those kind of things..

Something has been captured my attention lately..
It's more related to occupation stuff..

For example,

Lecturer / Teachers should be a noble job right?
In the old days, they 'bertungkus-lumus' trying to give us knowledge..
We really owe all our teachers..
BUT! In present, lecturers are for the sake of doing their responsibilities..
All they are doing are talk talk talk..
Doesn't really matter if you KNOW OR NOT KNOW..
They ASSUME you know just everything..
If I'm Master in SOMETHING, Maybe I can solve some old's man equation like in 5 min?
However, I can't let one rotten egg causes me to throw away whole basket right?
I believe that in 'A BASKET OF ROTTEN EGGs', I can find the golden egg..

Some lecturer(minority) got such an aura that can capture everyone's attention..
MMU DO have some.. BUT MINORITY..

Securities :
Securities is the best job in the world?
I'm not condeming or anything..
People are doing their job for their living..
However, some securities look worse than gangster/mobster..

Maybe they thought they gotta have the look in order to scare the living hell out of you?
But come on, you are just SECURITIES..
Even POLICES are taking BRIBE right? (Minority?)
So, stop being like you are so F dedicated to your job..

The securities in Library..
They are so dedicated with their work..
I must respect their dedication..
They will SCOLD local student with BM(Bahasa Melayu/Malay Language) when you are making mistake..
When they facing the BIG foreign student, they just close one eyes..
What a dedication indeed!

The securities AROUND the campus..
This is just based on WHAT I saw today.. Real life scenario =.=
A tough looking SECURITIES seem like taking a patrol..
When he saw some illegal ads paste on the pillar, wall, or any unauthorized notice,
So what happen after he tear it down?
Simple, throw into rubbish bin.. From about 10meter away??
What happen if he MISSES?
Of course, like any typical Malaysian.. Just let it be..
Lying on the floor ; waiting for tomorrow's janitor..
The tough securities living a trail of DESTRUCTION.. How sad..
He is just leaving the notice all around the walkway..
Some dedication INDEED!

S for Securities BUT S for SNOB as well..
Securities is the best job ever!
They walk with head held high..
Wearing white uniform..
Black stick within reach..
Black shinning boots..

So when children dream of being a SECURITY GUARD,
I wont be surprised..
It's a job for MAN and WOMAN..
Tall or Short..
Knowledgable or Non-Knowledgable..

Just some random post..
No offence to Lecturers and Securities..


kenwooi said...

oh.. dissatisfied with the uni's employees?
haha.. it's normal la i guess..
back in uni, we always complain too.. =P

Siew5 said...

about the lecturer part, i cant really blame on them..
but about the securities... it makes me speechless..
LOL thanks for stopping by

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

from USM issit?

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