Friday, November 20, 2009

Are you lucky enough to be lucky?

Some people are just born lucky??
Just like people are born with silver spoon in their mouth..
Is it unfair?
Nope, I dont think so..
Maybe that is what they get for doing alot of good things during previous life..
I believe in karma..
What goes around, comes around..

This is my lucky friend, YK..
He has been winning alot of competition from Nuffnang..
Latest one, he just won ticket for EPL Master Cup from One FM
He just won movie ticket for 'Christmas Carol' from Nuffnang

One lucky guy indeed..
Previously, he won ticket for Terminator..
But due to Nuffnang mistake, he couldn't claim for it..
However, he directly get free ticket for TRANSFORMER premier!

I'm not been that lucky in my entire life..
Even the best thing I won is one poster
(supposing I won an album, but turn out, just giving me poster instead)
That should be my proudest monent??

I guess I should just step on the ground..
Work hard for what I wanted..
I don't believe that i can struck the lucky draw or lottery..
I just don't have the luck for it..

Hopefully, one day..
Mr. Choi will enter my dream and give me lucky number..

I'm must be dreaming already right now..

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