Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Holiday Season!

It's going to be December already!
Jingle bell, Jingle bell!
It's not that i'm celebrating that festival..

But I'm just loving Christmas!
Soon will be New Year!
Yeah.. Then I'll be another year older..
But not that wiser.. =.=

Just love the shopping season..
However, currently I'm broke..
Broke as in no more extra money to spend for things I like..
But still afford to eat thing I like..
Wont tie up my stomach - eat bread, eat more bread, eat more more bread everyday..

If only during Christmas, Santa would grant me SOME wish..
I'm not greedy.. I'm not..
So I'm not requesting for a villa for myself..
A Ferrari for myself..
I'm just hoping for extra stuff for my hobby..
That's all.. Not greedy at all right?

Before that, now gotta stop day dreaming and start the engine..
Week 5 ahead..
Exam and Assignment..
Soon, it'll be Final!
As well as Boxing Day..
More EPL! xD

So still.. I'm looking forward for December..
End of December; to be specific..
Singapore trip ahead!

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