Monday, August 29, 2011

My best friend.. My love.. My everything..

My best friend:
She is the one that I have been with ever since the first day I went to my university life..
My life who had been living in a small place, finally step out of my comfort zone to a new environment..
I was something I looking forward after I have completed SPM.
To be honest, I have never thought of the importance of my family at that time..
All I want is to have fun and fun and fun..

She came into my life without any warning..
Build me into a man I am today..
Yes.. I learnt a lot from her..
She is mature and know what her life will lead her to.
I was still a hippy who never think about the future.
She makes me realise that I have a heavy burden to bear..

She is always there to accompany me whenever I needed help..
From breakfast to lunch to dinner and followed with supper, we have been together all the time..
I never knew why.. But I just like her companion.. And I guess she like my companion too..

My love:
After months and months of trying..
Finally I get my love..
Someone that I willing sacrifice anything just for her.. Without any thought..
All my thought is about her and her and her..
My world basically evolves around her...
What am I if she's not there with me.. I am alone.. Totally lost..
Quarrel is something we practice every single day.
From small quarrel and ended up a big fight..
Just want to know who is right and who is wrong..

I am not a romantic guy that she wanted..
I am a boring guy who is repeating the same routine every weekend..
Doing the same old stuff.. With no surprises.. But just heartache.

I am not the guy who she could totally relied on..
Someone who she felt safe within my care.. Within my protection..
I am just a guy.. With nothing, owe nothing, get nothing..

My everything:
You might think I am cold-blooded..
You might think that I am cruel..
I give you nothing but pain.. Nothing but heartache..
I not sure what else you will remember of me after today..
It must be very hard for you..
But please stay strong and take good care of yourselves.
From afar, I will always pray for your safety like I always do..
You will always be in my heart..


Friday, August 5, 2011

Long Time No See...

It's been so long..
I enjoy spending my time talking to my old friends..
Some even few years never see each other..
Randomly meet up and have a good long talk..

It seems like I miss talking with them...
It can be few hours conversation..
From serious topic, to silly topic..
Anything, everything..
Just the time as the limit..