Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas days in Singapore...

On the Christmas eve, 24th December 2009,
I was heading to Singapore by coach right after my last exam paper..
Even though I suck big time for that paper, there no use for me to cry over a spill milk..
So instead of glum over it, I forget about it and enjoy my holiday..
I was looking forward for this trip looooonnnnnggg time ago..

Just a brief preview..
I'll just include pictures I took from the trip..
Not the best picture I have here..
Hopefully I got time to update a more detail one.. =)

First day of my photoshooting outing.. =)
Botanic Garden of Singapore

Mini stream/Man-made stream

Night at Orchard Road

At ION Orchard.. Nice view at night.. =)

That's all for now..
More update coming soon.. ^^

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy vs Unhappy

Happy because Liverpool lost 2-0 to Portsmouth
Unhappy because Manchester losing 1-0 to Fulham

Happy because holiday coming
Unhappy because exam next week

Happy because it already night
Unhappy because I have to stay awake and study

Happy because I online right now
Unhappy because I am not studying right now

Happy that I got my own tripod
Unhappy the I can't use it now

Happy that I am going for a holiday soon
Unhappy because I got no money to shop

Life is full of Happy and Unhappy
Where there's Happy, there's Unhappy
What can you do about it???
Just live with it!

Get a life and go study!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 weeks to go!

Today I have wasted another day doing nothing at all!
Feel so lifeless..
Even though Final is just around the corner (yes, I'm going to have final again!)
Nothing can be done..
This weekend won't be around..
I guess only can start study by next Monday..
But will I start when Monday comes?
I doubt it...

About 2 weeks, = 14 days for my upcoming holidays..
Confirm that I'll be going Singapore..
Right on the day after my last paper..
So, since it's Christmas Eve (my last paper on 24th December)..
I'm expecting a jam at the custom there..

Hopefully I'm having time to go out and snap some photos..
Budak Kampung, Don't worry.. I'll try take as much as possible and show them to you! =)
Think about the Christmas Decor!!
Excited about it indeed!

Monday, December 7, 2009

8th December 2009! It's a good good day!

Finally I'm OVER with the VHDL stuff..
Even though the program can't work well..
It's finally ended!
Report has been submitted..
Presentation has been through..

Now just one more assignment to go and officially can prepare for FINAL!
After final will be the best sem break ever!!!
First time can celebrate Christmas and New Year without need to think about EXAM!
December is the worst month for MMU student..
Can't enjoy festive season and have to study for the exam..

Get a perfect surprise from Nuffnang..
Christmas holiday mood!
Present from Mr. Ho..

I'm invited to the premier screening of AVATAR!
First pair of ticket from Nuffnang..
This is just great.. =)
Thanks to Nuffnang!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VHDL.. The name of hell!

For most people, I don't think they heard of VHDL..
What VHDL?
I also not sure.. I only know VHDL is just a coding thing.. Is it??

According to my internet research,
VHDL is an acronym for Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language..
Wow.. Not related to VHDL at all!

I'm may be Delta year student..
However I'm not been studying that coding for 3 years..
I only heard of VHDL like in last month??
Now I have to write a program for a calculator..
And solve some problem too!

The duration for the whole assignment was about 2-3 weeks time..
Supposingly, tomorrow(3/12/09) I have to submit my report about the assignment..
However, luckily the due date has been postpone to next Monday..
At least, I got few more day to figure out how it goes..

Any blogger who is engineer willing to share his knowledge??
Please let me know!
I'll find you ASAP!