Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 weeks to go!

Today I have wasted another day doing nothing at all!
Feel so lifeless..
Even though Final is just around the corner (yes, I'm going to have final again!)
Nothing can be done..
This weekend won't be around..
I guess only can start study by next Monday..
But will I start when Monday comes?
I doubt it...

About 2 weeks, = 14 days for my upcoming holidays..
Confirm that I'll be going Singapore..
Right on the day after my last paper..
So, since it's Christmas Eve (my last paper on 24th December)..
I'm expecting a jam at the custom there..

Hopefully I'm having time to go out and snap some photos..
Budak Kampung, Don't worry.. I'll try take as much as possible and show them to you! =)
Think about the Christmas Decor!!
Excited about it indeed!


Jansen said...

haha..wokie~ am looking forward to your shots~

ericlai2020 said...

lets go 2gether larrrr......don wait d...

Siew5 said...

let's go larrr...
then we sama sama go jalan jalan..

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