Monday, December 7, 2009

8th December 2009! It's a good good day!

Finally I'm OVER with the VHDL stuff..
Even though the program can't work well..
It's finally ended!
Report has been submitted..
Presentation has been through..

Now just one more assignment to go and officially can prepare for FINAL!
After final will be the best sem break ever!!!
First time can celebrate Christmas and New Year without need to think about EXAM!
December is the worst month for MMU student..
Can't enjoy festive season and have to study for the exam..

Get a perfect surprise from Nuffnang..
Christmas holiday mood!
Present from Mr. Ho..

I'm invited to the premier screening of AVATAR!
First pair of ticket from Nuffnang..
This is just great.. =)
Thanks to Nuffnang!

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luckystrike said...

I get it 2...but i can't attend...coz ada exam on that day...
so pass to other d...hehe...

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