Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas days in Singapore...

On the Christmas eve, 24th December 2009,
I was heading to Singapore by coach right after my last exam paper..
Even though I suck big time for that paper, there no use for me to cry over a spill milk..
So instead of glum over it, I forget about it and enjoy my holiday..
I was looking forward for this trip looooonnnnnggg time ago..

Just a brief preview..
I'll just include pictures I took from the trip..
Not the best picture I have here..
Hopefully I got time to update a more detail one.. =)

First day of my photoshooting outing.. =)
Botanic Garden of Singapore

Mini stream/Man-made stream

Night at Orchard Road

At ION Orchard.. Nice view at night.. =)

That's all for now..
More update coming soon.. ^^

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