Sunday, January 3, 2010

The day being a good-boy

It's been so long ago that I went out with my Mum..
In the old days, I used to going out with her alot..
Maybe due to I'm the youngest in my family..
I get more attention and care (yeah, I'm a mommy's boy)

She accompany me to my hostel..
She get to see first hand experience..
The dirty and messy house (not done by me, OF COURSE!)

Next stop:
One Utama Shopping mall..
At first, thought of bringing her to Sunway..
At the end, changed the plan and went to One U instead..
I guess more choices over there than Sunway..
Well, I'm just saying.. =)

Saw Car Roadshow over there...
Nissan Fairlady and Renault Megane..
This two is my favourite among all those car..
And of course, the most expensive among all those car i guess..

How not to love these two car?
Totally my cup of tea..But only can drool about it..
Hope that I can own one in the future.. xD

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